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the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint

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Grade I sprains do not usually damage the ankle ligaments to any extent, but repeated Grade II or Grade Ill injuries can lead to permanent looseness of the ligaments that hold the anklebones together.
Position the thumb at the midway point between the anklebone and the posterior edge of the heel.
One key display shows a nail driven through the anklebone of
An adjustable, high-density foam ankle pad maximizes comfort by cushioning the anklebone and allowing the holster to be placed exactly where your customers want it.
Artificial bone fills a hole in my ankle joint, and three large screws hold my larger anklebone together.
His final year in college was marred when he had to have a bone graft from his hip to repair damage to his ankle caused by a cyst on the anklebone.
Mind, my ankle packed in again this week (old injury involving platform shoes and too much wine), and it looked as though my anklebone had applied for a visa to have moved to where it was.
70): "Athurqas(100) said: If the anklebone of a live weasel (ka b bni irs) is removed and hung on a woman she will not conceive as long as it hangs on her.
Before you buy materials for the pocket, enlarge the pattern onto paper and place it around your leg with its bottom edge resting on your anklebone.
An anklebone excavated last year in southern Asia may put a controversial theory of primate evolution on firmer footing.
The peroneal tendons are located behind the outside portion of the anklebone (called the fibula).
DO a quick check by standing sideways and imagining you can draw a straight line from just behind your ear through just beside your hip down to the middle of your anklebone.
His backside is still bruised and battered, and his anklebone is cracked from a horrifying crash in Holland two weeks ago.