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Synonyms for ankle-deep

coming only to the ankle or knee


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Modi then rolled up his pants to wade ankle-deep in the waves, joined by Netanyahu, who did not roll up his pants which were consequently soaked.
A CHRISTMAS market has been dubbed a "winter blunderland" after visitors struggled through ankle-deep mud only to find a half-built grotto with no Santa.
Lewis Scott said: "It was an amazing few days despite being ankle-deep in mud.
A pedicab driver pushes his way through ankle-deep floodwaters brought by a sudden deluge due to the Low Pressure Area by Tropical Depression Onyok in Manila on Saturday afternoon.
Parts of Ilam province received more than a foot of rainfall over three days last week, producing flash floods that sent cars careening down city streets and left thousands of homes ankle-deep in mud once the water receded.
BERKASOVO, Serbia, Dhu-AlHijjah 16, 1436, Sep 30, 2015, SPA --Afghan asylum-seeker Asina Ansari stood ankle-deep in mud on the border between Serbia and Croatia, clutching her feverish and shivering 2-year-old son Mohtar in a blanket, AP reported.
The unseasonal weather caused traffic chaos in Northfield, Kings Norton, Sheldon and Solihull with roads ankle-deep in water and the ground covered in a carpet of white hailstones from the blizzard which struck at 7.
Similarly, residents who walk around local shopping centres such as the West, Shields or Chillingham Roads, and parks like Paddy Freemans and Jesmond Dene complain endlessly about the overflowing bins and ankle-deep rubbish.
Philomel in the warm slap of this ankle-deep surf to the dying
Their bodies were recovered from an ankle-deep Rambi-Ara Nullah in the town, next morning.
Ankle-deep water accumulated on roads in the capital, while roadside drains on the Expressway were filled to the brink and low-lying residential areas in Rawalpindi suffered minor incidents of flash flooding.
He has put on his best boots and paddled ankle-deep for the cameras.
In Melbourne CBD, Xinhua reporters saw dozens of people were wading through ankle-deep water with their shoes in hands.
LAST weekend's Northern CrS oss-Country Championships in Knowsley Safari Park could not have been tougher as athletes slithered across snow and ankle-deep mud.
When it rains, they're ankle-deep in mud in their own homes," says Parsons.