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Synonyms for anklet

a shoe for a child or woman that has a strap around the ankle

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a sock that reaches just above the ankle

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an ornament worn around the ankle

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The rest of us nobodies would kill for a pair of those, and I don't mean those glorified ankle socks that they're passin' for skate shoes of late.
London, August 17 ( ANI ): Knee-length socks, which once conquered an empire, now seem to be fading into history, as British men today prefer wearing ankle socks, ultra short sports socks or no socks at all.
As orientation approaches, I am nervously smoothing my starched pinafore, twiddling with my hair bow, rubbing the toes of my patent-leather shoes on my ankle socks, making sure I have a ruler and compass tucked in my Peechee--and very much looking forward to this next stage in my life.
PLAY FOOTSIE | Perfect for padding around the house, these cosy ankle socks will stop you slipping on polished floors.
She favours wearing ankle socks with strappy sandals (an incredibly British trait in its own), layering high-tea worthy skirts with oversized cardigans, velvet blazers and androgynous coats, and battered ankle boots worn with floor-grazing dresses - they really shouldn't work, but yet prove that there is nothing that face-to-watch Edie Campbell cannot pull off.
The show featured Jaeger's usually sophisticated fabrics and lines but the brand added a twist by adding high heels and ankle socks.
Those poofy little ankle socks that some sneaker wearers sport.
Gentlemen players at Frinton Golf Club in Essex may now, for the first time in 113 years, wear tailored shorts and ankle socks, as opposed to knee-length socks.
Maybe the sun's gone to our heads, but we reckon moody Ryan + wonky visor + ankle socks = sporty sex god
Ankle socks easily fit a house key and some change.
YOU have to wonder if our sophisticated computer-age kids in designer jeans might turn up their noses at an old-fashioned world of little girls in white Victorian frocks and ankle socks.
The sure sign of ballet lite: ankle socks with toe shoes.
Amusingly, Nickerson's work, which is difficult and mesmerizing in nature, has been somewhat absorbed by her colleagues, to dumb effect--models made seemingly happy by what Nickerson's models know not to be amused by: a cellular phone, ankle socks, heels, suits, unshiny skin.
Apparel & Accessories: Pierre Cardin 3-Pack King Size Ankle Socks