ankle joint

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a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus

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The Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR Ankle) is indicated for utilizing as a non-cemented embed to replace a sore arthritic ankle joint owing to osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
The present concept of MOS involves giving a large amplitude oscillation (15 mm; ankle joint angle change of approximately 5[degrees]) to the forefoot so that the major plantar flexors undergo a longitudinal length change, thereby applying repetitive small length changes to the MTU, like DS, under passive stretching.
The dependent variables included time-to-stabilization (TTS) after a forward hop, peak and mean activity of the tibialis anterior (TA), peroneus longus (PL), and lateral gastrocnemius (LG) muscles, and antero-posterior (AP) and inversion-eversion (IE) ankle joint laxity.
However, a major concern with this kind of device is the misaligned rotation center between the robot and the ankle joint, as shown in Figure 2(a).
A plain X-ray and magnetic resonance image (MRI) confirmed an intraosseal tumor that extended from 4 cm below the knee joint proximally to about 4 cm from the ankle joint distally (Figure 1).
Palaeontologists working in a quarry in southeastern France uncovered the quarter-inch-long bone, the lower part of the ankle joint. The fossil matched up best with a chipmunk-sized creature called Donrussellia provincialis.
(1) This low prevalence is primarily due to the ankle joint's unique biomechanics and the features of the cartilage within the joint, including its thickness.
Its application is getting wider because more and more people go in for sports which leads to increased trauma or overuse injuries of the ankle joint. The overall incidence of ankle and foot trauma is high, accounting up to 40% of all injuries in athletes.
But all year Kruis (above) was playing in discomfort with what proved to be two bits of floating bone in the ankle joint.
These fractures are caused by the dome of talus being driven into the tibia plafond, as the talus dome like a pestle is driven into the distal tibia through the ankle joint called as Pilon Fracture name coined by French radiologist, Etienne Destot.
In this study, we investigated the morphometry of the Achilles tendon (AT), the stiffness of the ankle joint, and leg strength as factors associated with jump ability.
Left knee angle: the left knee angle joint is the peak; the left ankle joint and left hip joint respectively forms two lines with the left hip joint;
Background: The movement around ankle joint is very important because of the cultural practices, which involve squatting and sitting cross-legged.