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a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus

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Unsmoked caribou ankle cuffs are often added where the main part of the
99, River Island; Real High platform, pounds 70, Office; Leflure platform, pounds 70, Faith; Crossover platform, pounds 65, Topshop; T-bar Creme shoe, pounds 125, Dune; Moonbeam platform, pounds 70, Moda In Pelle; IC Crackatoa Ankle Cuff sandal by Irregular Choice, pounds 69.
Note the swept-back angle of the ankle cuffs, with stubby, diagonally cut fringe.
The pants have an elastic waistband and ankle cuffs, seven belt tunnels and a snap fly closure, as well as three pockets.
His one-bedroom property has dramatic red and blue lighting and its own bondage cross with hand and ankle cuffs and a padlocked black cage.
Shift dress, PS45, M&S; ankle cuffs, PS10, Accessorize; chain choker, PS8, New Look; yellow bangle, PS10, River Island; Gina strappy sandals, PS99, Mint Velvet; bag, PS35, Topshop; leopard print headphones, PS49.
Shift dress, M&S; ankle cuffs, Accessorize; chain choker, New Look; yellow bangle, River Island; Gina strappy sandals, Mint Velvet; bag, Topshop; leopard print headphones, WESC
The barefoot dancers were adorned with brightly coloured costumes, jingling ankle cuffs, and, depending on the dance, ornate golden headdresses, all of which added to the spectacle.
Latex ankle cuffs and a neoprene waistband ensure that only a little water gets in after a full immersion.
If you're still not convinced that these cuffs are the most fully loaded, less-lethal weapon, Scottsdale Inventions says this system could also be incorporated into ankle cuffs, restraining belts, straitjackets, harnesses, facial restraints, helmets or neck collars.
The newspaper said Breivik was guarded by armed officers and clad in a bullet-proof vest, red sweater and ankle cuffs as he led investigators around the island during an eight-hour visit.
Summary: A Taliban prisoner named Mohammed Nazir is brought into the warden's office in Khost, Afghanistan in ankle cuffs and seated on the couch next to me.
They peck away her salty ankle cuffs and help her to fly away.
Emma paired her shimmering short sleeve and front-zip dress with a trendy black leather braided belt and accessorised with black towering platforms with ankle cuffs and a beige clutch.