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convulsion characterized by alternating contractions and relaxations

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A clinical and neurophysiological study in the treatment of ankle clonus. Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2010;46(1):11-8.
Group B: these were patients with acute tramadol poisoning and ankle clonus without a specific underlying disease, who received medication (diazepam) for the prevention of seizures.
She had bilateral brisk patellar reflexes and a left four beat ankle clonus. The patient reported shooting pain into her legs on deep forward bending.
However in the lower limbs, spastic paraparesis was present with increased tone, ankle clonus, significantly brisk reflexes and bilaterally extensor plantar responses.
Historically, clinicians have used tests and measures such as ankle clonus, Babinski sign, hyperreflexia, and the Hoffmann sign to screen for cervical myelopathy.
Competing explanations for the ankle clonus are found in the literature.
Deep tendon reflexes in the lower extremities were increased with bilateral ankle clonus. Chest examination revealed few late inspiratory crackles, and abdominal examination was unremarkable except for obesity.
There was unsustained ankle clonus and both plantars were up going.
Deep tendon reflexes were normal, with the exception of ankle clonus and upgoing plantar reflexes.
She remains somnolent and continues to have spastic lower leg and ankle clonus. She shows no seizure activity on video EEG monitoring during later episodes of repetitive leg shaking, approximately 60 hours after admission.
During hospitalization, she remained febrile, and hyperactive tendon reflexes developed along with ankle clonus, bilateral Babinski sign, progressive dysphagia, and respiratory failure.