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an ornament worn around the ankle


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Carley Ann Thompson, who is 30 tomorrow, will wear the electronic ankle bracelet for the next seven months.
TAGGED Ankle bracelet sends out signals to monitor, right
There was a problem with his ankle bracelet and he had contacted G4S to tell them that it had become loose.
What is Omar more afraid of -- the agent who tracks him via a digital ankle bracelet, waiting for him to reveal the killer?
AMS' industry-leading SCRAMx wireless ankle bracelet provides courts and law enforcement with an alternative to incarceration, because of the product's proven ability to hold offenders accountable to 24/7 alcohol abstinence.
They were accidentally misnamed on the ankle bracelet as they bathed them, but the mistake was caught just in time.
Then, last week, Cavarra learned that the man, Alan Earl Curry, charged with second-degree manslaughter in her brother's case had been released from the Lane County Jail with an ankle bracelet to monitor his whereabouts - one of nearly 100 inmates released after the sheriff's budget was cut by about $10 million.
Tanna Frederick reprises her lead role as childlike aspiring starlet Maggie Chase from "Hollywood Dreams," having since become a B-level action star forced to wear a Lindsay Lohan-esque electronic ankle bracelet after collecting one too many DUIs.
Brown served 14 years of his 40-year sentence in the criminal justice department before he was paroled in 1999 and placed on intensive supervision, which required him to wear an ankle bracelet with a GPS monitor.
Since then, she has been required to wear an alcoholmonitoring ankle bracelet.
Lohan s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said in a statement that ankle bracelet "indicated the presense of a small amount of alcohol on Sunday night.
With that in mind, I was surprised Gillian didn't wear an ankle bracelet for a bra.
When Manara shows us things to watch out for or even run from he notes some reasonable items such as alcoholism drug dependency or multiple divorces but also some that are arbitrary or biased such as too many pets tattoos or an ankle bracelet.
Garrido, who was convicted of kidnapping a woman from a South Lake Tahoe car park, handcuffing her and raping her in a storage unit, wore a GPS-linked ankle bracelet that tracked his every movement.
Although Maria was released to care for her children, she now has to wear an ankle bracelet to be monitored by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.