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a brace worn to strengthen the ankle

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We found four studies about this theme and it was not conclusive to affirm that the ankle brace cause knee injury of the athlete, principally the semi-rigid brace--the lace up, the sleeves and the tape.
Systematic review of the parachute ankle brace: injury risk reduction and cost effectiveness.
The semi-rigid ankle brace was not an effective rehabilitative device, as shown by the ankle-injured unbraced and braced performance (Table 5).
Those in the first group received an eight-week home exercise program; those in the second group were fitted with a semi-rigid ankle brace to wear during all sports activities for 12 months; and the third group did home exercise for eight weeks and wore the brace for eight weeks.
Injured Phyllis Robinson in her ankle brace and with husband Brian, left IAN MCINTYRE
Athletes were divided into a braced group, who wore a synthetic, fabric, lace-up ankle brace, and a control group with no brace.
Instead of going to hospital to get damaged ankle ligaments dealt with after a bizarre accident while out hunting, he carried on with the trip for two more days, and as he was still wearing an ankle brace at the Nedbank, he may have to wait until the new year to regain full confidence in himself and his game.
2pm: I take advantage of being at Kent Lodge and pop into the Appliance Department to enquire about an ankle brace I've recently ordered for a patient.
When choosing between a semi-rigid or soft ankle brace, find one that is comfortable.
Instead, I purchased a Velcro-type ankle brace to wear every moment except when showering.
A unit of private equity giant Blackstone Group (New York) will buy knee and ankle brace maker DJO Inc.
The X8 ankle brace features exclusive twin dual-purpose straps that can be applied quicker and easier than those utilized by other braces currently in use.
Phillip Bauman gave me a Malleotrain, an ankle brace with supportive pads.
The patients with grade II ankle sprains who received the combined Air-Stirrup/elastic wrap required 10.1 days to return to normal walking and 11.72 days for normal stair climbing, compared with 11.67 and 13.38 days for the elastic wrap alone and 13.38 and 16.38 days for the Air-Stirrup ankle brace alone.
Methods: Sixty-three healthy subjects (aged in their early twenties) were randomly assigned to three groups of SMT, performed either barefoot, with an ankle brace (Aircast[R], semi-rigid fixation) or with a ski boot (rigid fixation).