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We found four studies about this theme and it was not conclusive to affirm that the ankle brace cause knee injury of the athlete, principally the semi-rigid brace--the lace up, the sleeves and the tape.
The semi-rigid ankle brace was not an effective rehabilitative device, as shown by the ankle-injured unbraced and braced performance (Table 5).
Those in the first group received an eight-week home exercise program; those in the second group were fitted with a semi-rigid ankle brace to wear during all sports activities for 12 months; and the third group did home exercise for eight weeks and wore the brace for eight weeks.
Baier and Hopf showed that both rigid and semi-rigid ankle braces significantly improved static balance in athletes with ankle joint instability, but had no influence on a healthy group [8].
Washington, July 9 (ANI): Lace-up ankle braces may help prevent ankle sprains and fractures in high school basketball players, a new research has shown.
When choosing between a semi-rigid or soft ankle brace, find one that is comfortable.
Using an ankle brace significantly protects against getting that first inversion ankle sprain, especially if you're a woman, according to a recent study of 999 high school volleyball players in Los Angeles.
Instead, I purchased a Velcro-type ankle brace to wear every moment except when showering.
He has practiced and played with a heavy ankle brace on his left ankle since training camp started Oct.
A unit of private equity giant Blackstone Group (New York) will buy knee and ankle brace maker DJO Inc.
The X8 ankle brace features exclusive twin dual-purpose straps that can be applied quicker and easier than those utilized by other braces currently in use.
Phillip Bauman gave me a Malleotrain, an ankle brace with supportive pads.
Methods: Sixty-three healthy subjects (aged in their early twenties) were randomly assigned to three groups of SMT, performed either barefoot, with an ankle brace (Aircast[R], semi-rigid fixation) or with a ski boot (rigid fixation).
has introduced two new products--Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove and the Swede-O Step-Smart Ankle Brace.
The new products that have been introduced to the marketplace in 2006 include the Sport Ankle brace, the new Padded Elbow Support and a Stirrup Ankle brace.