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Probe placement and the corresponding needle orientation for ultrasound guided ankle block is illustrated in Figure 1.
Ankle Block Target: The posterior Injection Volume 3-5 ml, tibia], sural superficial (paresthesia); otherwise, and deep peroneal, and 7-10 ml, for the posterior saphenous nerves.
Seattle Orthopedic Group originally made the ankle blocks and laminating cores by machining them out of unfilled nylon 6/6 rod stock.
TECHNIQUE OF ANKLE BLOCK: Surgical parts painted and draped, 10ML of 2% Xylocaine diluted to 20ML with distilled water and 5ML is injected medial to dorsalis pedis pulsations; 5ml below medial malleolus along direction of flexor retinaculum; 5ml above medial malleolus around long saphenous vein and 5ml below lateral malleolus