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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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Alteration of feldspar clasts and ankerite produces a distinctive weathered appearance: a chalky white outer surface that transitions to an orange zone which sometimes completely masks the light to medium grey fresh color of the rock.
Compared to sandstones present in the E6 structure, sandstones in the E7 structure in some parts of the Deimena Formation contain more clay and carbonate minerals, including ankerite, dolomite, admixture of feldspar and clay fraction represented by kaolinite and illite.
This particular pigment also contained a trace of ankerite, Ca([Mg.
The Company is carrying out ongoing exploration programs, designed to build the resource base and to test the growth potential and determine the economics on its four key property assets: Buffalo Ankerite (100% interest), Fuller (100% interest), Davidson Tisdale (68.
Microscopically, its composition generally varies from 90 to 20% quartz, 2 to 65% muscovite, 5% opaque carbonaceous matter and up to 5% ankerite (Sutherland Brown 1957).
Such calculation is possible only for non-ferroan dolomites not bearing ankerite (< 2 mol% FeCO3 by Goldsmith & Graf 1958).
Placer Dome has commenced follow-up drilling at the Buffalo Ankerite property near Timmins, Ontario.
Pour ce faire, nous avons retenu, a titre indicatif, les grevistes dont le nom de famille commencait par B, etant donne que ces fiches sont deja disponibles pour quatre entreprises minieres du Nord, soit la Sigma Gold Mines de Val-D'or (pour lesquelles nous avons les fiches de 1934 a 1945), la Buffalo Ankerite de Timmins (1926-1940), la Beattie Gold Mines de Duparquet (1939-1940) et l'Inco (1912-1939(52)).
Upon closing, McEwen Mining will own 100% interest in the Buffalo Ankerite, Fuller and Davidson Tisdale properties, and a 61% interest in the Paymaster property, with the remaining 39% of mineral rights held by Goldcorp Inc.
Based on the XRD analysis four different, major mineral phases were identified including; calcite, quartz, ankerite and dolomite.
The clay layers are mainly composed of organic matter, clay minerals (illites are over 95%), quartz, feldspars, ankerite, pyrite, etc.
the "Company", "Lexam") (TSE:LEX)(OTCQX:LEXVF)(FRA:VN3A) announces updated resource estimates for the Buffalo Ankerite property in Timmins, Ontario.
In Canada, the Litho Scanner service was successfully used to interpret the mineralogy in a lithologically complex shale gas reservoir comprising multiple clay types in addition to quartz, feldspar, calcite, dolomite, ankerite and pyrite.
The generalized succession scheme according to Kaspar (1939) is (from oldest to youngest): older carbonates (siderite, ankerite, dolomite), barite, sulphides, whewellite, nacrite, young carbonates (calcite) and secondary minerals (sulphates).
A remarkable number of other species have also been identified as inclusions in Zambian emeralds, including actinolite, tremolite, chlorite, dravite, apatite-(CaF), magnetite, hematite, quartz, fluorite, magnesite, siderite, dolomite, calcite, ankerite, niobium-rich rutile, pyrite, talc, zircon, barite, albite, lepidocrocite, glauconite, quartz, chrysoberyl, margarite, muscovite, biotite, brookite, tourmaline and chrysotile (Huong, 2008; Zwaan et al.