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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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Compared to sandstones present in the E6 structure, sandstones in the E7 structure in some parts of the Deimena Formation contain more clay and carbonate minerals, including ankerite, dolomite, admixture of feldspar and clay fraction represented by kaolinite and illite.
The Company is carrying out ongoing exploration programs, designed to build the resource base and to test the growth potential and determine the economics on its four key property assets: Buffalo Ankerite (100% interest), Fuller (100% interest), Davidson Tisdale (68.
Replacement bodies in mafic igneous rocks consist of semi-massive to massive pyrite in a gangue of ankerite and sericite, transected by veins of quartz and dolomite.
It means that the studied dolostones and dolomitic marlstones did not include ankerite (Goldsmith & Graf 1958; Reeder & Sheppard 1984; Tucker & Wright 1994) and we could use measurements of [d.
11) Nous avons depouille, pour certaines annees, outre les fiches de la Noranda, celles de la McIntyre Porcupine et de la Buffalo Ankerite de Timmins, de la Sigma Gold Mines de Val-d'Or, de la Beattie Gold Mines de Duparquet et de l'Inco de Sudbury.
A digital resource model, including an optimized Whittle Pit, was completed for the Buffalo Ankerite North and South Zones.
The hydrothermal system consists of variably developed ankerite, sericite, albite alteration with quartz-tourmaline veins and sulphides dominated by pyrite.
In Canada, the Litho Scanner service was successfully used to interpret the mineralogy in a lithologically complex shale gas reservoir comprising multiple clay types in addition to quartz, feldspar, calcite, dolomite, ankerite and pyrite.
Between 600 [degrees]C and 900 [degrees]C, the weight loss is attributed to the decomposition of carbonate minerals such as calcite, dolomite, ankerite, and others.
What began as a wedding anniversary gift portrait of the Hollinger Houses has developed over the years into The Heritage Series portraying various mine sites such as the Dome, Hoyle Pond, Pamour Royal Oak, McIntyre, Buffalo Ankerite (ink) and many more.
ankerite, siderite, witherite, strontianite, may form if the respective metal cations are available.
The fracturing is accompanied by an alteration flooding with ankerite and silica, along with varying proportions of sericite, fuchsite/paragonite, hematite, and, up to 7-10% pyrite.
Finally, observations made in exposures from recent excavations are interpreted to tentatively confirm the interpretation that near surface carbonate veins (in particular, siderite and/or ankerite - iron carbonate veins) may represent the high level equivalent of deeper, high grade copper mineralized veins.
TSE:LEX)(OTCQX:LEXVF)(FRA:VN3A) is pleased to announce an increase in its total gold resources due to an updated resource estimate for its Buffalo Ankerite Project in Timmins, Ontario.
Mineralogical analysis of these investigated asphaltite samples indicate high amounts of carbonate minerals such as calcite, dolomite, ankerite and siderite.