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the property of being anisotropic

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In the literature relative to acoustic birefringence, there are some confusion among strongly and slightly anisotropic materials, texture in metals, molecular orientation of polymers, and anisotropy for composites.
That the known characteristics of the 3-space flow agree with results from the anisotropy of the Brownian motion data suggests a simple mechanism, namely that the 3-space flow generates an energy shift in the water molecules; E [right arrow] E + [?
A finding of increased fractional anisotropy in this area of the brain may eventually serve as a biomarker for CFS, said Dr.
We focus our tests on the seven-point finite difference and nine-point finite element discretizations introduced earlier in this section for various values of the anisotropy angle [alpha] and the anisotropy coefficient [epsilon].
Other geoelectric parameters were derived from the fundamental parameters mentioned above (Zohdy et al, 1974), such as anisotropy coefficient ([lambda]) and reflection coefficient.
Specifically for this project it was expanded by the material data relating to continuous fibre-reinforced plastics and can now reliably predict the crash behaviour of components having a very high (fibre) anisotropy and fibre content.
Among specific topics included are ligand field stabilization and glass transition temperature enhanced in macromolecule-metal complexes, basic concepts and molecular optical anisotropy in semi-crystalline polymers, the kinetic analysis of molecular weight distribution functions in linear polymers, and magnetic spin diffusion at the nanoscale in multi-phase polymers and molecular complexes.
The performance ofthe different estimators, which we adjusted for anisotropy, was tested.
M-typed hexaferrite exhibits a excellent magnetic property, a relatively high magnetocrystalline anisotropy field and platelike morphology.
This addition allows users full flexibility in determining the magnetocrystalline anisotropy and axe in each grain as well as the inter- and intragranular exchange coupling strength.
It has been noticed that the anisotropy is not so strong as in the case of Fe-Si GO and that observation sustains theory (Fiorillo et al.
An earlier sky survey, based on data from NASA's Microwave Anisotropy Probe, yielded the intriguing result that the temperature of the cosmic-microwave background, me radiation left over from the Big Bang, is slightly lower in this patch of sky than in other regions.
The model accounts for both these anisotropies when it computes propagating action potentials, but it cannot deal with extracellular anisotropy (Re) when computing the ECG.