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the property of being anisotropic

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Others ranged from the performance of laminated glass, sealant compatibility, adhesive backed polymeric film design and anisotropy.
Given that collagen fibrils are the main load-carrying elements of the stroma, their preferential orientation may determine the mechanical anisotropy of the cornea [6-8].
Our goal is to use these models of natural shales to extend our knowledge on and independently investigate the influence of clay content, microstructure, and the chemical composition of pore fluid on their frequency dependent dielectric properties and anisotropy.
In this paper, phase diagrams of magnetic states are presented for "ideal" and "real" square rings, varying the magnetocrystalline anisotropy axes between a random state, as in a typical sputtered sample, and two epitaxial states, as they could be gained by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) [19] or self-assembly [20], for a complete in-plane rotation of the nanoring with respect to the external field.
[21] have constructed the cosmological model based on pressure anisotropy in the presence of a gauge function, whereas Mishra et al.
From the macroscopic view, the main reason for the inherent anisotropy of sand is that the particles are arranged along the principal stress direction during the gravitational deposition process, and finally, the difference between the vertical and horizontal mechanical properties is formed on the macroscopic scale.
Anisotropy coefficient k was calculated on the basis of the equation presented by Zivor et al.
There is a model that includes this and does predict the anisotropy which Massari and colleagues observed, as long as most of the stars they measure belong to the most compact population.
Berkeley Lab researcher and lead author of ( a study about CGT, Cheng Gong, said in a statement Wednesday: "Thin films of metals like iron, cobalt, and nickel, unlike 2D van der Waals materials, are structurally imperfect and susceptible to various disturbances, which contribute to a huge and unpredictable spurious anisotropy. In contrast, the highly crystalline and uniformly flat 2D CGT, together with its small intrinsic anisotropy, allows small external magnetic fields to effectively engineer the anisotropy, enabling an unprecedented magnetic field control of ferromagnetic transition temperatures."
An orientation of the anisotropy axis is taken arbitrary in our treatment.
Li and Uren [6] derived an analytical solution for point source potential in anisotropic half-space and solutions for a layered formation with arbitrary anisotropy were also reported by Yin and Weidelt [7].
For reliable determination of the parameters of the stress-strain state in the elements of any shape, getting of quality pictures of stress distribution along the length of the frame and establishing patterns of changes in stress in the composition of the assembly, the software system LIRA-CAD has been used, where a model of orthogonal anisotropy (orthotropy) in the plate finite elements has been realized.
Another innovative Jason product, Anisotropic Inversion, has more constraint options added for improved anisotropy property estimates calibrated to well control, crucial for model accuracy, effective well design and optimum production.
In advanced applications where consistent strength throughout the part is required, the layering process creates anisotropy, or varying properties in different directions.
Cahill gives us a briefing on his view that interferometer measurements and one-way RF coaxial cable propagation-time measurements amount to a detection of the anisotropy in the speed of light.