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not invariant with respect to direction

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The difference of total AE counts is mainly caused by anisotropism of rock specimens.
Optical data: In reflected light: light gray, weak anisotropism, very weak bireflectance, nonpleochroic.
The inequivalence of horizontal and vertical infiltration rates shows that the infiltration characteristic has typical anisotropism in both directions.
Optical data: In reflected light: cream with a brownish tint, weak anisotropism from brownish gray to grayish brown, weak bireflectance, nonpleochroic.
Optical data: In reflected light: gray to white, weak to moderate bireflectance, strong to weak anisotropism, nonpleochroic.
Optical data: in reflected light: white, distinct anisotropism, perceptible bireflectance in air (a little more in oil), slightly pleochroic in grayish white and creamy white.
Optical data: In reflected light: reddish brown, strong anisotropism but rotation tints are not very colorful; distinct bireflectance, slight pleochroism.
Optical data: In reflected light: pale gray, moderate anisotropism, distinct (air) and weak (oil) bireflectance, nonpleochroic.
In reflected light: gray with ubiquitous light green to colorless internal reflections, anisotropism masked by the internal reflections, bireflectance measurable but not discernible, pleochroism absent.
Optical data: In reflected light: gray, strong anisotropism from almost white to dark brown, distinct bireflectance, pleochroic from light gray with a bluish tint to gray.
Optical data: In reflected light (in oil): brownish gray, strong anisotropism brick red with orange tint to bluish-gray purplish, bireflectance not mentioned, weakly pleochroic with brown to clear brown-gray tints.
Optical data: In reflected light: white with a pink-yellow tint, anisotropism not present in air weak in yellowish pink colors in oil, no bireflectance, nonpleochroic.
Optical data: In reflected light: brownish gray with a bluish tint, distinct anisotropism from bluish-gray to reddish-brown, bireflectance weak, pleochroism brownish to bluish.
In reflected light: grayish-white with a bluish tint, dark red internal reflections along cleavage cracks; because only sections parallel to {001} could be prepared no information could be obtained for anisotropism, bireflectance and pleochroism.
Optical data: In reflected light: creamy white in air and gray in oil, abundant internal reflections (yellow, orange and purplish orange), distinct anisotropism, moderate bireflectance, moderate pleochroism.