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not invariant with respect to direction

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Konstadinou, "Effects of density on cyclic behaviour of anisotropically consolidated Ottawa sand under undrained torsional loading," Geotechnique, vol.
Deductive reasoning shows that asymmetrically shaped and anisotropically distributed objects, such as human organs [36], have unique body coordinates [37].
Finally, the 3D liver vessel was segmented on the basis of the 3D fuzzy scene and anisotropically resampled.
All hydrogen atoms attached to oxygen and carbon were generated geometrically and all non-hydrogen atoms were refined anisotropically. For the disordered nature of the DMA molecules, they could not be figured out from the structural model, so their electrons were removed from the HKL file using the SQUEEZE manipulation in the software PLATON (the total unit cell includes six DMA molecules (48e * 6 = 288e), and the SQUEEZE result reveals that 596 electrons were removed from the unit cell).
In anchored gels tension develops anisotropically and contracted gel is under tension as long as it remains anchored.
Wang, "Local stress around cap-like portions of anisotropically and nonuniformly grown oxide layer in thermal barrier coating system," Journal of Materials Science, vol.
Dehen et al., "An electrochemical fabrication process for the assembly of anisotropically oriented collagen bundles," Biomaterials, vol.
Using the two-grain (2-G) model structure of Figure 3 we compare in Figure 14 three different configurations which possibly occur in anisotropically and isotropically oriented magnets.
All nonhydrogen atoms were refined anisotropically. All hydrogen atoms were introduced at idealized positions and were allowed to refine isotopically.
In order to maximize the potential of anisotropically expanding hydrogels it is essential that the changes to the copolymer microstructure and the residual caused by the hot press are investigated.
Thus, in TTh the light barrier (isotropic in SR) appears to be anisotropically deformed, and the degree of such deformation depends on the velocity [upsilon] of IRF K'.
Secondly, different from the assumptions of [14, 15], we put forward a significant assumption that statistical noise is typically distributed through the larger space anisotropically. Then analysis and certify this assumption in the latter section.
Nevertheless, if the spacing between the impellers is decreased to one-third of the tank diameter, the region between the turbines behaves anisotropically with the merging or diverging of flow [2].