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not invariant with respect to direction

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Thus, it follows from TT that in IRF K that moves with respect to the ether with the velocity [upsilon] an anisotropically deformed light barrier appears:
It is also shown that DMS crystals grow anisotropically to form faceted geometries that resemble chopped fiber like morphologies as well as show unique ways of anchoring to the matrix.
Optical diffuse reflectance and transmission from an anisotropically scattering finite blood medium," Ph.
But where there are parallel fibers, such as in the brain's white matter or in striated muscle, water molecules tend to diffuse anisotropically, along the direction of the fiber.
3] were found to expand linearly but anisotropically (32).
Mahony JJ (1975) Tensiometer measurements in anisotropically loaded swelling soils.
1) Notes: r = anisotropically rescaled, relative distance from the point to the node; c = smoothing factor.
While the new system's primary market is etching thin-film heads, its applications in semiconductor manufacturing include anisotropically patterning virtually any microelectronic material or stack of materials including PZT (lead zirconium titanate), BST (barium strontium titanate), III-V compounds and etch-resistant inert metals including copper, gold and platinum.
In a set of new results, we study the effects of cold working ami thermal aging on the anisotropic nature of plastically deformed samples and show that, even wilh the removal of boundary effects, plastic How produces large anisotropic toughening that also thermally ages anisotropically.