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not invariant with respect to direction

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Wanatowski and Chu (2007) report a comprehensive set of triaxial and biaxial tests in Changi sand under both, isotropically and anisotropically compressed, and sheared under undrained conditions of loading.
Thus, it follows from TT that in IRF K that moves with respect to the ether with the velocity [upsilon] an anisotropically deformed light barrier appears:
Yung, "Computation of scattering from anisotropically coated bodies using conformal FDTD," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
KOH can etch Si <100> or Si <110> anisotropically, with the etching rate depending on the crystallographic orientation, and produces grooves with 55[degrees] or 90[degrees] walls, respectively.
Two partially occupied water sites, slightly more than 1 [Angstrom] apart, were located and refined anisotropically with a common set of anisotropic displacement parameters for both, and with one-fourth occupancy each.
The magnetoreceptor molecule should be aligned in a special sample, just like the C-P-F triads are frozen in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal, to respond anisotropically to ambient magnetic field.
Magneto- and Electroresistance of Ultrathin Anisotropically Stained La-Sr-MnO Films // Acta Physica Polonica A--Poland, 2005.
It is also shown that DMS crystals grow anisotropically to form faceted geometries that resemble chopped fiber like morphologies as well as show unique ways of anchoring to the matrix.
Optical diffuse reflectance and transmission from an anisotropically scattering finite blood medium," Ph.
Gas damping and internal over-range stops that allow the anisotropically etched, silicon sensing element to withstand high shock and acceleration loads.
Semivariograms were calculated both isotropically and anisotropically by VARIOWIN (Software for Spatial Data Analysis in 2D.
An optical film comprising a transparent base film made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a prism made of photo-curing resin such as acryl modified epoxy and formed on an incident surface, one surface of the base film, and a hologram made similarly of photo-curing resin and formed on an output surface facing the incident surface, wherein the prism totally reflects an incident light off a groove or a ridge having an almost triangular sectional shape to thereby bend the light in a direction perpendicular to the output surface, and the hologram diffuses the light output from the output surface anisotropically to enhance luminance.
The Model 7293A's anisotropically etched silicon microsensors can withstand high shock (up to l0,000g's) and acceleration loads.
But where there are parallel fibers, such as in the brain's white matter or in striated muscle, water molecules tend to diffuse anisotropically (along the direction of the fiber).