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not invariant with respect to direction

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Automatic estimation of conductance parameter K for each noise image to be filtered has been the recent research subject in the area of anisotropic image filtering.
Isotropic and anisotropic head models were distinguished by how conductivity values in white matter compartments were assigned.
However, the HB model is designed for the isotropic medium only and could not be applied to modeling the anisotropic dielectric properties of shales.
[22] have studied the anisotropic universe with general forms of scale factor.
Using the notation reduced tensor proposed by Lekhnitskii [26], the equation for anisotropic elasticity may be written as:
It is obvious that studying behavior of the transmitted and reflected waves when an incident wave propagates parallel to an interface between anisotropic and isotropic media has important theoretical and practical significance.
Ai and Cheng (2013) performed a numerical 3D consolidation analysis with an anisotropic permeability of a layered soil system and discussed the effects of anisotropy of permeability on the consolidation behaviour of soil [6].
The matriciant method has also been employed to analytically investigate the problems of reflection and refraction of waves on the interface of homogenous anisotropic thermoelastic mediums [10].
The studies of biaxial anisotropic medium have received much interest and attention.
However, the sole attempt based on CoD to solve TV minimization [55] only considers the anisotropic TV minimization, while isotropic TV minimization is unreachable for CoD-based methods, since it cannot be decomposed with respect to each pixel.
Studies have found that the sclera tissue of most animals is structurally anisotropic with several consistent features.
In this paper, we consider a new adaptive coherence enhancing diffusion (CED) filter which combines anisotropic diffusion and structure tensor derived diffusion functions.
This volume outlines methods and techniques in seismology for defining fractures in the Earth's crust, focusing on describing and detecting seismic waves in anisotropic media.
used anisotropic finite element method and coupled finite element method to solve the same model as in [5] based on the horizontal pipe domain in [12] and [13], respectively.