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difference in the refractive power of the two eyes

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28) In one study, the prevalence of anisometropic amblyopia was found to rise rapidly after two years of age.
The results of large-scale studies seem to indicate that strabismic amblyopia responds just as well to treatment when compared to anisometropic amblyopia.
For orthotropic anisometropic amblyopia a literature review indicates that the condition can be treated, at any age.
He highlighted the importance of prescribing spectacles first with anisometropic amblyopia patients showing 91% improvement in the first four months of wearing spectacles.
However, caution is needed because post-operative care is complex and aphakia may be an inadvertent switch from deprivational to anisometropic amblyogenesis.
Student Justin was able to improve his vision by two lines with an anisometropic correction and also gave him a high add for reading to help him at school.
As a general rule, professor Evans recommended starting all anisometropic amblyopia patients on 18 weeks of refractive correction, followed by 12 weeks of part time occlusion if required, followed by 12 weeks of full time occlusion if vision was still significantly reduced (two lines lower than the good eye is a common and acceptable outcome).
In bifocals with an anisometropic prescription, relative vertical prismatic effects and image jump are a particular problem at near, because the segment and near viewing point is away from the optical centre of the lens.