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having unsymmetrical parts or unequal dimensions or measurements

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At least for TT configuration, the concept of a master curve common to both CB and CNT, based on specific interfacial area, still seems to also be valid for an anisometric filler such as CNT.
Reducing powder particle size by grinding can reduce the tendency for preferred orientation by breaking up anisometric particles into smaller, more random shapes.
In the current research the effects of anisometric nanostructured filler ZnO on the structure and tribological properties of polypropylene/ethylene-1-octene copolymer (PP/EOC) blends are investigated.
Laboratory studies using electromyography (EMG) have provided considerable understanding of age-related changes in muscle activity for simple isometric and anisometric contractions [3-5], gait [6], and discrete tasks [7] executed under experimental constraints.
(2004) Strength training reduces force fluctuations during anisometric contractions of the quadriceps femoris muscles in old adults.
The first work on the rheology of anisometric particle suspensions (Jeffery, 1922) concerns ellipsoids.
A possible cause of discrepancy may be the use of an isometric force-EMG curve to characterize a ballistic anisometric task.
anisometric Of verse, not having equal or corresponding poetic meters.
For these plant grades, the scaling of stem diameter with respect to length was anisometric such that the slenderness factor of stems (i.e., L/D) was predicted to increase with increasing stature.
The most widely used cellulose and chitin nanocrystals have a rod-like anisometric morphology with a length and diameter varied from several nanometers to micrometers.
Incorporating impermeable anisometric particles in the polymer matrix forces the permeating molecules to wiggle around them in a random walk, hence diffusing through a tortuous pathway [15].
This allows the execution of all types of movements, thus all types of muscular contractions (isometric, anisometric and pliometric), with a well defined mechanical constraint.
Utracki, "The shear and elongation flow of polymer melts containing anisometric filler particles, part 1,"Rubber Chemistry.