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having unsymmetrical parts or unequal dimensions or measurements

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As anisometric nanostructured filler we used zinc oxide (ZnO), synthesized in RTU Institute of Inorganic Chemistry by plasma torch [14].
The authors are grateful to Professor Janis Grabis, Director of the Riga Technical University Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, for the anisometric ZnO nanoparticle syntesis.
The spatial state of orientation of such highly anisometric particles as nanoclays is expected to affect the extent of shrinkage anisotropy of an injection-molded part in the planar direction.
The investigated materials consisted of PP matrix in which PS component was dispersed in the form of spherical or anisometric particles.
Considering the previous findings [5], [29], the stress overshoot could be attributed to network structure break down and the transient hydrodynamic stress induced by rotational motion and alignment of anisometric particles.
Application of a strong shear field to a polymer melt with distributed anisometric filler particles aligns them along the shear direction and the matrix response dominates in viscoelastic properties of systems in whole (16), (23).
A promising direction in improving the mechanical properties of plasticized starch (PS) is the introduction of anisometric (fibrous or lamellar) particles of a filler.
The end result is a very efficient reinforcing effect, because clay layers are highly anisometric and a relatively small amount of clay gives rise to a very large number of particles, with a correspondingly large surface area.
To explain this behavior Krishnamoorti and Gianellis (7) proposed a microstructure composed of grains wherein the anisometric silicate layers are oriented in a preferred direction leading to grains boundaries and presence of defects.
The extent of modulus increase depends on particle size, shape, and orientation [25-27]; the anisometric shape of the wood flour used and the orientation of the particles determine composite stiffness.
The anisometric particulate domains formed from partially exfoliated silicate stacks were mesoscopic and thermodynamically unstable in which quiescent structural evolution, whose origin was nonBrownian, was observed.
Thus, the assemblies of intercalated MMT platelets are highly anisometric.
Such alignment effects for anisometric fillers are known to have a strong influence on the mechanical properties of molded artifacts [19, 24, 31, 32] and inevitably contribute to the property differences exhibited here.
For the anisometric particles, random orientation in three dimensions was assumed.
So, there are two levels of anisotropy: molecular ordering inherent to LC-melts and macroscopic orientation of anisometric filler particles.