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liquorice-flavored usually colorless sweet liqueur made from aniseed

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with one blow of his wooden sword he simulates slicing the head while miming the joy of having finally conquered so precious a trophy" while the orchestra, "which is raging, [is] scarcely heard amidst the shouts of the delirious crowd." The Raden congratulates the dancers, and Combanaire gives them cigars, beers, and a bottle of anisette (1993:130-33).
I recommend the sensitive traveler, if he goes to Algiers, drink anisette under the archway around the harbor, go to La Pecherie in the morning and eat freshly-caught fish grilled on charcoal stoves; listen to Arab music in the little cafe on the rue de la Lyre ...
All these delicacies were arranged in military order, having all along, every other ten inches, a carafe of Dragasani yellow wine, decanters of red wine from the vineyards of the Bistrita monastery, bottles of Eastern wines of various colours and flavours--there were also demijohns with Chios anisette and Corinth liqueur.
The dance completed, Zorah made a slow circuit of the patio; some offered her small glasses of anisette with which she wet her lips; others suspended from her ears garlands of jasmine flowers strung on a cord; others, more generous, placed on her forehead, her cheeks, her breast, her arms, or on whatever part of her they most admired, small pieces of gold that stayed on from sweat.
At a meyhane, you, the visitor, are bound to be introduced to the national drink, raky, a dry Turkish version of the anisette that is common in the Mediterranean region.
It is used as a flavoring base in the preparation of herbal tea and a liquor called anisette.
On the evening of March 7, 1919, for instance, Haitian-born Ney Louis Charles was drinking anisette and playing his violin in a cafe on the United Fruit Company's Preston plantation in Cuba.
lacy pizzelles, dollops of anisette drops, ladyfingers, lady locks,
Golden yellow and brilliant in color; on the nose it shows lychee, bergamot and hints of cardamom, ripe papaya and nectarines with river-stone miner-ality; on the palate ripe pineapple, lychees, honey and anisette; a fresh and persistent finish.
Among the beverages, we found <<fennel water>> (Foeniculum vulgare) (17) a plant with anisette odor, which has been long used as a medicinal plant.
Anisette Chef LLC, Jonathon Strand, 3125 Pheasant Blvd.