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liquorice-flavored usually colorless sweet liqueur made from aniseed

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That the tip is conveyed by touch does not preclude its being the equivalent of a ring of flowers or sip of anisette.
It is used as a flavoring base in the preparation of herbal tea and a liquor called anisette.
On the evening of March 7, 1919, for instance, Haitian-born Ney Louis Charles was drinking anisette and playing his violin in a cafe on the United Fruit Company's Preston plantation in Cuba.
lacy pizzelles, dollops of anisette drops, ladyfingers, lady locks,
The properties of the starry anisette (Illicium verum, Hook) and the climate of its native area were studied.
Among the beverages, we found <<fennel water>> (Foeniculum vulgare) (17) a plant with anisette odor, which has been long used as a medicinal plant.
Anisette Chef LLC, Jonathon Strand, 3125 Pheasant Blvd.
for butter) in more than a dozen varieties, including anisette, fruit bars, jelly-filled and almond and chocolate Quaresimali, an Italian biscuit similar to biscotti.
Sitting in Parisian cafes, Hemingway conjured up the woods of northern Michigan; Sartre mused his existential constructs; and various poets, artists, politicians and ordinary citizens met over coffee and anisette to discuss the state of the world, the latest opera, or the best odds at the racetrack.
Masqueraders often wielded wooden swords, and crowds of euphoric women trailed the energetic dancers, singing and dispensing anisette to fuel the men's procession.
Alain Giraud, former Bastide chef, is back, this time with Anisette, his recently opened French brasserie inside the Santa Monica clock tower building.
fregate "Delphine", "cortes de hupiles frutanes de Bretana bordados de encarnado" et autres "bordados de colores", "camisas para mujer", anisette et eau de Cologne.