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visual defect in which the shape and size of an ocular image differ in the two eyes

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Significant astigmatism can also produce axial aniseikonia, as in the prescription below:
The refractive combination has resulted in gross anisometropia and, therefore, aniseikonia needs to be considered when dispensing this patient.
10-13) Specifically, the research indicates that for both refractive and axial anisometropia, contact lenses minimise aniseikonia and, therefore, maximise the potential for normal binocular vision.
01 The spectacles shown in the image are designed to help compensate for aniseikonia.
In rare cases, iseikonic spectacle lenses, with specific values of magnification, can be used to correct aniseikonia.
d) Aniseikonia will be reduced with contact lenses compared with spectacles
a) There will be reduced effects of aniseikonia from anisometropia
A seminal paper in 1988 showed that for all types of anisometropia, contact lenses are better than spectacles at controlling aniseikonia.