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Here you can find Anise-Scented Pistachio Cookies, Rosemary-Oatmeal Butter Cookies, or Tarragon-Lemon Cookies.
After researchers added a dash of anise seed oil to food for pregnant dogs (golden retrievers, Labradors and mutts), for example, the newborn pups tended to point their noses toward an anise-scented cotton swab instead of one wetted with plain water.
THE students from Writtle College in Chelmsford, Essex, demonstrated their planting skills at Chelsea in their Room 105 garden design, with a splash of brightly-coloured dahlias in among the fabulous anise-scented, feathery foliage of bronze fennel.
In this regard, Conran's fine ear does occasionally fail when he's reaching for a light touch, as in these lines from "Rose," describing that flower's phallic stamens: "Little blond willies / Of the prickety bush / Reach out, blacken / And fall off, the sillies!" More representative of Conran's achievement in the present collection are these precise and elegant lines from "Fennel": In the hedge bays, In the booths, distilled Like whiskey In the neat haze, Anise-scented fennel Busks with horned poppy.
The Aztecs considered the avocado an aphrodisiac and called it ahuacatl, or testicle, perhaps because the fruit hung in suggestive pairs from shiny-leafed, anise-scented trees.