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smelling of anise

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The main entree consists of anise-scented Black Angus filet mignon, accompanied by truffle carrot mashed potatoes and garlic oil blanched asparagus.
THE students from Writtle College in Chelmsford, Essex, demonstrated their planting skills at Chelsea in their Room 105 garden design, with a splash of brightly-coloured dahlias in among the fabulous anise-scented, feathery foliage of bronze fennel.
Subtropical trees with fragrant leaves would include all citrus species, the anise-scented avocado varieties (such as Bacon and Mexicola) as well as the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora).
In the hedge bays, In the booths, distilled Like whiskey In the neat haze, Anise-scented fennel Busks with horned poppy.
The Aztecs considered the avocado an aphrodisiac and called it ahuacatl, or testicle, perhaps because the fruit hung in suggestive pairs from shiny-leafed, anise-scented trees.