anise hyssop

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much-branched North American herb with an odor like fennel

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Anise hyssop, which can reach 5 feet tall, would make an excellent background to the low-growing plants that take up most of the space in a typical herb garden.
Anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) Try both the licorice-tasting blossoms and leaves of 'Golden Jubilee' (grows to 3 feet).
And herbs will include some more unusual varieties, like anise hyssop and Thai basil.
His commitment to fresh produce is a never-ending pursuit: he works with a farm that plants basil, borage, anise hyssop, melons, tomatoes, echinacea and more for Cyrus' bar, and visits farmers markets daily.
A selection of his signature dishes include: Braised veal tomatoes and vegetables withpancetta mash; diver caught scallops herbed risotto and winter truffles; and delice of manjari chocolate baked fig with anise hyssop ice-cream.