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Anis has since been released from the hospital in the 'early hours' of Sunday morning, Rajsurian said.
Released from hospital that Sunday morning itself,' Rajsurian, who is a member of the legal team for Anis and Siti, told Malay Mail.
While Anis' current whereabouts are unknown, Malay Mail understands that she is not with her family at the moment.
Anis, a Masters degree student of Mechanical Engineering at a university in Indonesia on the scholarship of Higher Education Commission, was diagnosed with severe diabetes that left his lungs and other vital organs stopped functioning.
After recovery, Anis travelled from Jakarta to Islamabad Sunday night on a Thai Airways flight TG-349, with his boarding and lodging expenditures also borne by the government.
Najam Khan, a cousin of Anis Ahmed, on behalf of his family expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for taking personal interest and bearing the expenses of Anis' treatment that helped him recover from life threatening disorders.
The police, who accused Anis of having mental health issues, had allegedly taken her to the hospital by force.
When Siti and some others went to the Kajang district police headquarters to see Anis, the human rights lawyer was arrested instead under Section 363 of the Penal Code for kidnapping and under Section 186 for obstructing a public servant.
MHA sources told ANI that official website of SFJ biz '' and referendum 2020 biz '' were sharing and sourcing content from a Karachi based websites of a number of SFJ activists including Guruswamy Singh Punnu.
Friendships have always been difficult for Ani. She would much rather be with adults than people her own age.
When we brought Ani home from the Bulgarian orphanage in 2001, she was five years, 11 months.
The institutes and universities presumably are not imparting crucial practical training to students and, as a result, students lack the basic skills of reporting news with clarity of thought and language," said Surinder Gosain, Director of ANI School of Media Studies in a statement.
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