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a negatively charged ion

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Untreated fumed silica has an isoelectric point around pH 2.5 and should therefore be anionically charged in typical coating formulations (pH 3-9).
The epoxy resin DGEBA was anionically photopolymerized by the action of a thiol-ene system that included the prepared thiol-disulfide oligomer and the curing agent ALA4.
The overall chemistry and behavior of methylene malonates are analogous to CA monomers; e.g., they both cure anionically. On the other hand, methylene malonates possess improved environmental resistance for enhanced product application compared with traditional CA monomers.
Radically prepared polystyrenes are more susceptible to UV degradation than anionically prepared polystyrenes since they contain double bonds, in-chain peroxide linkages, and other oxygen containing groups, all of which increase the UV absorption/reactivity of the internal and external polystyrene matrix.
The amino functional silanes in some cases are not compatible with anionic emulsions or anionic latexes as they can cause coagulation of anionically stabilized latex particles.
Shingel et al developed an anionically modified pullulan via g-irradiation which was used as base for blood-plasma substitute (25-27).
JANMEY: If the filaments are all anionically charged, you might expect them to be so electrostatically repulsive that they would never come near enough to one another to make nodes.
An anionic surfactant has an anionically charged hydrophilic head and a hydrocarbon-based hydrophobic tail.
An electrocoagulation process developed by Battelle can be used to separate anionically and nonionically stabilized drilling and cutting oils and dewater biologically stabilized sewage sludge.
The first resin investigated was neat DGEBA that was anionically homopolymerized using the initiator EMIM Ac.
Four of these were manufactured from natural rubber (NRA, NR-B, NR-C and NR-D), three were prepared from Cariflex anionically polymerized polyisoprene IR401 latex (AnIR-A, AnIR-B and AnIRC), two were made from Ziegler-Natta polyisoprene latex (ZN-IR-A, ZN-IR-B) and three from chloroprene (CRL-A, CRL-B and CRL-C).