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Synonyms for dye

Synonyms for dye

something that imparts color

to impart color to

to immerse in a coloring solution


Synonyms for dye

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The method optimized for dye removal of standard anionic dye congo red was used for three commercial waste water samples taken from fabric dyers from the local market.
Capillary electrophoresis separations of prepared cationic and anionic dye mixtures were reported in a previous publication (Egan et al.
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Three repeated anionic dye mixture runs per day over a one-week time span were recorded, and the calculated [[mu].sub.ep]'s were determined to be within [+ or -] 2 percent for all dye compounds.
Remazol yellow (RY) dye, or reactive yellow 105, is an anionic dye used for textile dyeing due to its ease of use, colour stability, and resistance to washing [6].
Both cationic and anionic dye absorptions were studied by MNHs as well as SHs.
Moreover, the RB19 is an anionic dye, which can be adsorbed on positively charged surface of CS-MHAP.
As a result anionic dye repelled by positively charged adsorbent surface [10].
Hu, "A new absorbent by modifying walnut shell for the removal of anionic dye: kinetic and thermodynamic studies," Bioresource Technology, vol.
The unique reactivity of a-nucleophile in amidoxime group and the high uptake of anionic dye in an acid medium due to the presence of this group in the amidoximated acrylic fabrics [4-7] has prompted us to study the viability of reactive dye fixation in an acid medium using different types with different structures so as to find out which mechanism of fixation would be suitable for this type of substrate.
Tushar, Removal of Anionic Dye Congo Red from Aqueous Solution by Raw Pine Cone and Acid Treated Pine Cone Powder as Adsorbent: Equilibrium, Kinetic, Mechanism and Process Design, Water Res., 46, 1933 (2012).
The AG dye is an anionic dye, and highly positive surface charge at initial solution pH 2 attracts the negative S[O.sub.3.sup.-] functional group in the AG dye.
This suggests that this anionic dye has low tendency to feldspar particles, and its blending with chitosan results in an increase in the dye adsorption onto the hybrid.
People are aware that cationic dye molecules are more toxic than anionic dye molecules [2].