anionic detergent

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a class of synthetic detergents in which the molecules do not ionize in aqueous solutions

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The addition of anionic detergent seemed to suppress this influence efficiently.
The use of 160 parts per million (ppm) or 320 ppm available chlorine with an anionic detergent in wash water resulted in a 99.
The liquid detergent is a mixture of three active agents - an anionic detergent, a non-ionic detergent, and a cationic surfactant - dissolved in water to give an alkaline solution, making the capsule more dangerous than thought.
Table 63: Japanese Market for Anionic Detergents (2004 & 2005): Percentage Share Breakdown of Volume Shipments by Manufacturers - Kao Corp, Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku, Sanyo Chemical Industries, Lion Corp, Toho Chemical Industry and Others (in Tons) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-23
Table 49: Japanese Market for Anionic Detergents (2004 &