anionic compound

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a compound characterized by an active anion

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This may be caused by increasing amounts of the soluble dye and contaminated anionic compounds with water addition.
HILICpak(TM) VT-50, announced last year, enabled high-sensitivity analysis of anionic compounds, including saccharides (phosphorylated saccharides), organic acids, and various drugs.
Results showed that chitosan-dendrimer polymer bio-adsorbent could be used as a high potential and biodegradable bio-adsorbent to remove anionic compounds such as reactive dyes from textile industry wastewater.
In contrast, another theory assumes that AKD particles become amphoteric (possibly by adsorption of anionic compounds from the process water), and in this manner, a cationic retention aid is able to bridge the negatively charged areas (Isogai, 1997).