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a negatively charged ion

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0 77 25 Table 2: pH influence during processing of the enzyme solution by strong anion-exchange resins pH of enzyme Amberlite CG-400 A500P anion-exchange resin solution anion-exchange resin medium Purification PTA Purification PTA degree in activity degree in activity terms of loss, % terms of loss, % color index, % color index, % 4 67 14.
1986) proposed a method using a biphasic aqueous-organic extraction to eliminate the sample matrix, followed by a posterior herbicides extraction from the water phase using a chelant and anion-exchange resins before HPLC determination, achieving recoveries around 80%.
Research of influence of trimethylamine quantity on size of anion-exchange resin exchange capacity showed that the maximum degree of amination of polymer is reached at 4 multiple surplus of amine.
Resin-exchangeable P was determined using anion-exchange resin strips (McLaughlin et al.
The protein responsible for hemolysis failed to bind to Mono Q anion-exchange resin at low salt concentrations (approx.
DE-53 cellulose anion-exchange resin was obtained from Whatman (Fairfield, NJ; cat.