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any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules

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One of the strong base anion exchange resins, strong base anion exchange resin #3, was determined to be the best candidates at near-neutral or neutral pHs for vancomycin broth decolorization
Compared to traditional strong base anion exchange resins, the capacity for chromium(VI) is increased by a factor of up to 2.
2] anion exchange resin strips (BDH) were placed into the remaining 40 mL of 0.
Strongly acidic cation-exchange resin, strongly basic anion exchange resin, and mixed bed columns of weakly acidic cation exchange resin and weakly basic anion exchange resin were used with a stevidoside (purity 80-87%) showing recovery of about 79% [10].
One was filled with a strong base acrylic macroporous anion exchange resin and granular activated carbon (GAC).
The higher proportion of anion exchange resin ensures a long service life and thus highly efficient demineralization with the new mixed bed, explains Wedemeyer.
Tenders invited for Supply of nuclear grade strongly acidic cation & strongly basic anion exchange resin as per the enclosed technical specification
Tenders are invited for Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin Type: Duolite A-113 Ionic Form Cl- Specification As Per Specific Gravity : 1.
The Plant Shall Consists Of Two Frp Pressure Vessels Charged With Indion-225H Cation Exchange Resin And Indion Nip Anion Exchange Resin Mounted On A Skid Trolley Type One Mild Steel Coated Panel Holding A Conductivity Meter Sensor And Valve Block, One Multi Valve Control Block, Inlet And Outlet Hose Connection, One Regeneration Bag/Container, One Set Of Operating Manual.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Guarantee Of Ion Exchange Resin, Anion Exchange Resin
Tenders are invited for Supply of anion exchange resin