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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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The result is an all-synthetic clarifying product line containing both a novel anion exchange nonwoven media and a fine particle, bioburden reduction membrane.
The ion exchange resins market is segmented into four types: cation exchange resins, anion exchange resins, chelation resins and adsorbent resins.
Batch decolorization experiments were conducted with the crude filtered vancomycin broth by adding 1g (based on dry weight) of various anion exchange resins to 20mL of broth, and shaking the contents for four hours.
As part of an ongoing City of Glendale research program, this study evaluates six weak-base anion exchange resins for hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] removal from groundwater, tests the highest operating pH for Duolite A7 and ResinTech SIR-700, and analyzes the weak-base anion resin residuals.
Three nodal roots were gently exposed and sampled non-destructively with anion exchange membranes placed on tip and mature root regions.
A number of lipid lowering drugs are available to combat high cholesterol levels and include statins, anion exchange resins and fibrates.
Bile acid sequestrants--cholestyramine (Questran and various other names), colestipol (Colestid), and colesevelam (WelChol)--are anion exchange resins that form insoluble complexes with bile acids in the intestine.
Genomic DNA was recovered by passage through an anion exchange spin column and stored at -20[degrees]C as an isopropanol precipitate.
While an interesting possibility, the method was never commercialized because a number of companies found that using a technique called anion exchange chromatography, they were able to separate pure chymosin from the stomach extracts of older animals.
These amino acids were separated by anion exchange chromatography using a modification of the method of Bredt and Snyder (1990).
We are able to isolate maitotoxin-like compounds using an amino SPE column as a weak anion exchange column.
15,17] Those mutations that affect band 3 function, when not fatal, result in anion exchange that is at least 80% of normal.
The column family offers strong cation exchange, strong and weak anion exchange, and Protein A phases.
Demand for weakly acidic cation exchange resins and acrylic anion exchange resins is growing at a rate of three to five percent each year.