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a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble (usually resinous) solid

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retention and recovery) of different columns, including an anion exchange column, a strong cation exchange column, and a reverse phase column.
nanosheets had slight changes after anion exchange, causing the variation in the film porosity, and the intercalation of organic inhibitor MBT would further decrease the atomic ratio of Zn/Al in the host layer.
This actually represents a new class of clarifying products, with an all-synthetic construction, substantial anion exchange capacity, and a defined 0.
Likewise chemical properties of soil such as pH electric conductivity (EC) cation exchange capacity (CEC) sodium absorption ratio (SAR) anion exchange capacity (AEC) exchangeable sodium ratio (ESR) and hydraulic conductivity are also effecting by the presence of organic matter.
developed an improved synthesis using an insoluble modified amine-functionalized anion exchange resin as the etherification catalyst.
The solution was then injected to an anion exchange column.
With the chemical fractionation of P it can be observed that in soils with a history of successive applications of phosphate fertilizers, an accumulation of organic and inorganic fractions of soil nutrient in different degrees of binding energy occurs, although the accumulation is usually more pronounced in the labile inorganic fractions, like those accessed with the anion exchange resin (RTA) and NaHC[O.
EDS X-ray microanalysis in scanning electron microcopy is used to examine the quantitative anion exchange in MBA-crosslinked-P[VBTEA][P[F.
The vehicle is equipped with an alkaline anion exchange membrane cell and instead of hydrogen, the new cell uses hydrazine-hydrate as fuel.
4th place ($250)--"Synthesis and Characterization of Crosslinked, Quaternary Ammonium Polybenzoxazines for Anion Exchange Membranes"--Christopher Childers
3] The anion exchange method in chloride and hydrochloric acid solution has been applied for purification of Co, by Dubois [4], Nardin [5], and Isshiki et al.
Both methods use anion exchange chromatography followed by diphenylcarbazide (DPC) post-column chemistry.