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a negatively charged ion

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Energy requirement, endocrinological and metabolic changes occur during this period associated with dietary cation anion difference (DCAD) (Piccione et al.
Furthermore, synthesis of a suitable compound that could be utilized in the liquid-liquid extraction of the dichromate anion, in addition to metal cations was aimed.
The system also owes this high efficiency to a special process for reloading the anion exchange resin used, which results in a hydroxide ion loading of over 90 percent.
ABGs showed non anion gap metabolic acidosis with bicarbonate 5.
In our patient, lactate levels alone could not account for the entirety of the anion gap.
Following anion-exchange, these reflections shift toward lower angles, which suggests that the inorganic/ organic inhibitor anions are intercalated in the galleries of LDH layers, in agreement with previous data.
La utilizacion del anion gap, la diferencia de iones fuertes (DIFa) y la medicion de lactato son herramientas sencillas para la aproximacion diagnostica de la acidosis metabolica (10).
The anions chloride, bromide, and iodide were determined by volumetry, whereas the phosphate anion was assessed by spectroscopy with Visible-UV at [lambda] = 720 nm (RAIJ et al.
The tissue toxicity of superoxide anion seems to be based on its direct reactivity with numerous types of biological molecules (lipid, DNA, RNA, catecholamines, steroids, etc.
3 mmol/L; anion gap, 14 mmol/L; and osmolal gap, 72 mOsm/kg.
The vehicle is equipped with an alkaline anion exchange membrane cell and instead of hydrogen, the new cell uses hydrazine-hydrate as fuel.
The anion of water-soluble salt (C) comprises an inorganic anion selected from the group consisting of hydrochlorides, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates and chlorates, or an organic anion selected from the group consisting of acetates, citrates, malates, lactates and oxalates.
A large number of cation exchange materials are reported in the literature, but very few anion exchange materials have been studied so far.
KGaA has been awarded a patent for an anti-corrosion coating composition for a metal substrate comprised of no electrically conductive polymers and at least one non-electrically conductive film forming copolymer; a nitrogen containing functional group X, the group X is comprised of a pyridine, a dihydropyridine, a pyrrole, an imidazole, or mixtures thereof and wherein a positive amount to 100% of the functional group X is bound to the copolymer and crosslinks chains of the copolymer; and a metallate anion, the metallate anion capable of binding to a nitrogen in the functional group X by ion pairing.
Oxidative parameters included superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide production.