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a negatively charged ion

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Keywords: Arterial blood gases (ABGs), Acid base disorder (ABD), Anion gap (AG).
At that time, laboratory test results (Table 1) were clinically relevant for the following: arterial whole-blood pH, 7.39; [Pco.sub.2], 28 mmHg (3.7 kPa); serum bicarbonate, 18 mmol/L; creatinine, 1.1 mg/dL (97.2 [micro]mol/L); lactate, 5.3 mmol/L; anion gap, 14 mmol/L; and osmolal gap, 72 mOsm/kg.
While many studies have been carried out on the applications of LDHs and HDSs in controlled release of pharmaceuticals [9, 10, 12] and different drugs have been shown to have different release rates [10, 18], a systematic study on the effect of anion structure on the rate and extent of release is yet to be investigated.
The formation of Br[O.sub.3.sup.-] anion occurs during the ozonation of water containing bromide ion ([Br.sup.-]).
Keywords: Chromate, Activated carbon, Anion exchange, Sorption.
Now, in a new study appearing in the journal Science, chemists at several institutions, including Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is managed by Caltech for NASA, as well as the Honda Research Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have hit on a new way of making rechargeable batteries based on fluoride, the negatively charged form, or anion, of the element fluorine.
"This waterfall contains the highest level of anion [negative ions] at 50,000 or greater anions per cubic centimeter.
Anions play an important role in many environmental and biological systems, and the mechanistic understanding of selective anion recognition by synthetic receptors is critical in the field of supramolecular chemistry (Bowman-James and Bianchi, 2012).
Those outsourced companies are run by Koreans living in Thailand that guide tourists to local destinations, including shops that sell anion producing latex products such as pillows and mattresses.
The extractants used include Acetic acid, Sodium acetate buffer (Morgan solution), Ammonium acetate buffer (Modified Morgan's solution), Sodium bicarbonate (Olsen extractant), Acidified ammonium fluoride (Bray - I reagent) and Anion Exchange Resin (AER).
Furthermore, synthesis of a suitable compound that could be utilized in the liquid-liquid extraction of the dichromate anion, in addition to metal cations was aimed.