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Said Ashok, "Animus is known for independent, prestigious, groundbreaking films.
De ahi que en los delitos de intencion no basta establecer la concurrencia de dolo sino tambien del elemento especial que lo complemente, tal como sucede en la comision de los delitos de feminicidio (matar a una mujer "por su condicion de tal"); contra el honor (la concurrencia del "animus injuriandi" o "+animo difamandi"); y homicidio calificado (el "placer" de matar),; empero, al momento de aplicar la norma penal al caso concreto, se realizan una serie de interpretaciones distintas en relacion a este especial elemento subjetivo, pues tanto el legislador como la jurisprudencia no lo han definido o precisado claramente, lo que contraria al principio de legalidad (nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege), y a sus tres presupuestos (lex stricta, lex praevia; y, lex certa).
It flows from, in his own words, his belief that 'Islam hates us...and we can't allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the United States.' In 2015, he stated he would 'call for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.' His own campaign website read that the ban's purpose was to 'prevent Muslim immigration.' Nor did Trump ever disavow these claims, in fact, in 2016 he begrudgingly stated that the reason the ban didn't explicitly refer to Muslims was because that wouldn't be 'politically correct.' Any reasonable observer upon reading such statements would concede that the policy was motivated by animus towards a religious group.
Neal Katyal, representing the state of Hawaii, responded that the government's religious animus was apparent to a reasonable observer.
His executive orders on the subject were challenged by the state of Hawaii and other states which said that the Trump's anti-Muslim comments showed that his policy was rooted in an animus toward Muslim people.
So they thought about another idea, for the body to be involved in the action of the ancestors and they came up with this Animus arm which connects the 'patient' of the Animus to his ancestors.
Alice Walker, the African-American author who wrote Color Purple, also clearly recognized and expressed the works of Carl Jung in her 1992 novel "Possessing the Secret of Joy." The archetype patterns of the ego, the shadow, the anima, and the animus, were all part of the healing journey the main protagonist, Tashi, a young African female.
Turtle has kept his animus abilities secret, and is more talented at hiding than fighting.
Pierce said, We believe Marcus Garvey was the subject of racial and political animus. Garvey was targeted by J.
Any discriminatory animus against the recognition of petitioner's natural-born status would need to survive strict scrutiny, that is, the Comelec must show that there is a compelling state interest in discriminating against foundlings and that such interest be addressed through a narrowly-tailored policy, he added.
from "animus" review, namely people with disabilities and poor
Discriminatory laws from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee have brought the debate on same-sex marriage into an even more controversial light, and law firm McDermott Will & Emery's lawyers discuss an "animus amicus" brief -- in other words an amicus brief -- which highlights discrimination against gay people historically performed by federal and state governments.
The PR guru has approached Animus Associates, an international risk management and corporate investigations firm.
Have people ever seen any kind of animus towards the Jewish people?
The same is true for the feminine psyche, for which the animus is the guide that enables the transformations.