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of or pertaining to the doctrine of animism


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History professor Joyce Colon added that babaylans not only fought to retain their animistic beliefs, but also played a role in the uprising against Spanish colonial masters.
As a result, I call this art style, shamanic surrealism because it utilizes 20th century art techniques and combines them with primitive animistic techniques aimed at soul retrieval and inner healing.
Chapter 11 comparatively explores the concept of Animistic belief between the Temiar, other Orang Asli groups and Malays.
This story tells us that the Malays traditionally and especially before the arrival of Islam were animistic in their belief.
Buddhist hierarchies did nothing to disrupt animistic dream interpretations among its followers, continuing to this day.
I am an Animistic Pagan, I see everything in the world as an expression of the divine, as an aspect of the universe singing in praise of itself, and that includes you.
Children in modern societies, as opposed to tribal ones, presumably under the influence of their parents and the larger culture, replace their unlearned and largely unarticulated animistic theories with learned and more-or-less articulated mechanical ones on average a little after their tenth year.
One by one, the children fall victim to a malign prophecy, uttered by a terrifying madman who has appeared in their Christian lives like an emissary of the devil - or maybe of the previous era's animistic religion, which has never quite gone away.
They range in length from Kathleen Jennings's thirteen-page comic strip "A Small Wild Magic" to Sarah Rees Brennan's fifty-seven-page "Wings in the Morning." Teens will bump into the familiar ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, lesser-knowns like harpies and krakens, and unfamiliar monstrosities like the Trinidadian douen (the half-faced embodiment of the soul of an unbaptized child) or the animistic Maori wairua.
An early essay describes a Native American healing ritual, and there are short essays throughout the collection in which Leach conjures animistic reverence for the park's impressive flora and fauna.
The final chapters are case studies: Joel Thiessen's examination of missionary endeavors in the multi-ethnic reality of Canada today, Robert Bennett's paper on reaching animistic societies, John Mehn's paper on training church leaders in Japan, and Mark Williams's analysis of missionary methods among the Muslims of the Philippines.
We have an animistic world-view which holds that non-human entities possess a spiritual essence."
First, Holmes exemplifies the modern enchantment Saler calls "animistic reason": observation and deduction re-inject mundane objects and situations with wondrous import, yet remain within the bounds of scientific rationality--a strategy central to twentieth-century sf (105).
(17) Such is the ethos of post-Enlightenment philosophy: to subordinate a once-beheld animistic nature to a systemic interplay of manipulate physical laws and objects.