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of or pertaining to the doctrine of animism


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In this way an ancestral, animistic, irrational, and magical Indian world appears in full relief, one that coexists, half-hidden, with the more modern and Westernized world of Puquio.
This model, which owes more than a little to Thomas Kuhn's (1970) notion of paradigm shifts in science, allows him to present a relatively seamless historical narrative (from ancient animistic to classical/Ptolemaic to modern mechanistic and future ecological paradigms) but only at certain costs.
The animistic trajectory of accommodation sketched here appears to belie the rigid binarisms of this narrative.
Ebel compared these explanatory constructs to tree nymphs ("dryads") and other animistic powers of hunter-gatherers.
At the time of European settlement, aboriginal inhabitants followed religions that were animistic, involving belief in spirits behind the forces of nature and the influence of ancestral spirit beings.
True to his Jesuit training, Garzoni sought to provide a thoroughly Aristotelian theory of magnetism in opposition to the animistic accounts of Neoplatonists and others, including Gilbert.
The animistic universe familiar to readers of magical realism in which everyday events coexist with and are heightened by mythic forces, is here in evidence, though predating--and transcending--the easy formulas undergirding that style.
In past animistic societies, this was the situation.
Few would dispute this statement, because, as the author shows, the myths and legends of early people include animistic references to earthquakes.
The biblical narrative of David and Saul is written in terms of contemporary Taos, with an animistic religion, adobe buildings, and the threat of a new civilization, embodied in an Anglo David, to an established culture presided over by an Indian Saul.
Thai society has been animistic with the worship of Pra Khapungpi as we can see in the Sukhothai stone inscription.
These different orders of dynamism and their admixtures are well illustrated in the terrorist problem of Muslim fundamentalism today where a combination of religious fundamentalism, a yearning for the traditional, is coupled with powerful animistic leadership; as well as in the bellicose response of the United States to preserve the traditions of an order by Caesar-like arrogance.
But it acquired a more rigorous and less animistic expression in the writings of Robert Whytt, the most influential British physician of the eighteenth century.
Japan retained more of its animistic roots than China.