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Synonyms for animist

one who accepts the doctrine of animism

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of or pertaining to the doctrine of animism


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Annette Hornbacher accompanied a group of Balinese on their pilgrimage to the source and holy places of their 'Hindu religion' in India, which turned out to be an enriching yet puzzling experience that paradoxically--confirmed the pilgrims' Balinese animist ontology rather than their identification with modern 'universal' Hinduism.
One crucial point that arises in this discussion concerns the distinction, largely ignored or glossed over by new animist theorists (see e.g., Arhem 2016) but clearly revealed in Nage ethnography, between on the one hand, the possession by humans, animals, and plants of their own life--and possibly an interior essence (sometimes expressed as 'soul') linked with personhood and intentional agency--and, on the other hand, the representation of certain things as being inhabited by or otherwise associated with anthropomorphous and seemingly animate free spirits (in Nage called nitu).
He points out that if in hunting societies spirits take the lives of people and people the lives of spirits, in agricultural animist societies, spirits receive the lives of domesticated animals in sacrifice to prevent them from taking the lives of humans (p.
He said that the north part of country had had many old fortresses, ancient architecture while the Hunza and Chitral vallies were homes to small pre-Islamic Animist Kalash people community.
The "Nicotine" of the novel's title is a decrepit house in a "heroin-type neighborhood" of Jersey City that was the childhood home of Norman Baker, an "animist drug freak" whose medical clinic in Brazil attracted a group of passionate followers.
The six anthropologists studied are ordered historically, but also form a "ring composition" with regard to their individual relations to Christian faith, from atheists to believers to animist.
His ability to pay attention to these signs and interpret them as warnings and premonitions of danger blends into the general animist undertone that permeates events and their evolution: "Had he looked to the ground on the right edge of the doorway as the two entered the barn, Moses Chestnut might have noticed the fresh curls of wood that had settled there on the old hay and manure.
According to his website, Walker co-founded Cambodian-registered company Animist Farm Films in July 2012, to produce "high-concept, human interest" films and revive the country's movie industry.
On loan for the first time from European and American private collections, the works on display that were sculpted by the animist people of the country's northern highlands reveal a level of perfection that confirms their place among the masterpieces of global art.
The primary text includes the following essays: Christophe Van Gerrewey, "Theatre Between Performance and Installation: Three Contemporary Belgian Examples" (17-30); Klaas Tindemans, "The Fourth Wall, or the Rift Between Citizen and Government: Another Attempt at a Conceptual Synthesis of Theatre and Politics" (31-42); Nancy Delhalle, "Using Recorded Images for Political Purposes" (43-56); Anna Teresa Scheer, "A Campsite for the Avant-Garde and a Church in Cyberspace: Christoph Schilingensief's Dialogue with Avant-Gardism" (57-76); Evelien Jonckheere, "Echoes from the Animist Past: Abattoir Ferme's Dark Backward and Abysm of Time" (77-89); Jeroen Coppens, "Folding Mutants or Crumbling Hybrids?
These animist machines celebrate their absurdity, taking on lives of their own."
"Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths.
He had an extra-earthly animist belief system that blended with his fiction and nonfiction writings; here it would find its affirmation.
The referendum was stipulated in the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which ended the two decades war between the the largely Christian and animist south Sudan and the mostly Muslim North.