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Synonyms for animist

one who accepts the doctrine of animism

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of or pertaining to the doctrine of animism


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His literary and philosophical sensibilities come from elsewhere, from safe European ideas about a perfectible nature that cares nothing for the uncanny, edgy or animist perspective that one often finds in Canadian fiction.
Each of these theorists contributed to what is now a vast body of work concerning animist beliefs, with much of the work being composed in the earliest stages of modern religious scholarship.
To so-called Christian fundamentalists, Peters is no more a Christian than an indigenous animist relating to spirits in rocks and trees in a remote corner of some "uncivilized" wilderness.
The animist will often try to use or even bargain with these attributed personas as a life tool.
Far easier to sell Catholicism to an animist aborigine in the Australian outback than to a modern American, even a baptized one, even an educated one.
The wars have usually been described in the Western media as a clash of cultures--a struggle between the Muslim north and a Christian and animist south.
These essays pay specific attention to the conceptions of nature, selfhood, and the matrix of meanings integral to the animist ontologies of various indigenous communities in Canada, New Zealand, East Africa, and Japan.
First, there is a deep undercurrent of resentment in the south, inhabited largely by Christian and animist blacks, against the government in the north, which is dominated by Arabic Muslims.
The north-south war has pitted Sudan's Islamic-dominated government against rebels seeking greater autonomy and a greater share of the country's wealth for the largely animist south.
In a few pages, she reverently details the spiritual history of his ancient, animist culture of cliff dwellers whose very name alludes to their powers of survival.
Education presents a greater challenge to those who are emerging from a simple and primitive animist culture, and it may indeed take several generations before sufficient adaptation takes place.
South Sudan (30% of the population), which is Christian and animist, rejects the Islamization of the country and favors a secular arrangement.
The ark is decorated with pagan art and contains the Temenos Books, meditations inspired by animist religions and the occultic ruminations of Carl G.
In his sustained opposition to Renaissance naturalism and specifically, the animist physics of Campanella, Mersenne nevertheless valued the Dominican's intervention for Galileo in the interests of freedom of inquiry.
Culturally very different from the north, the peoples of the south are mostly black African--Christian and animist by religion--while the north is predominantly Muslim.