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the construction of robots to look like animals (developed for Disneyland)

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Animatronics is available to buy from iTunes, forest-firesuk.
Animatronics bring 200 characters and scenes from the pic to life; Alan Menken's music and songs play through the journey.
"Children will be in awe at the wonderful decorations and amazing animatronics that bring our grotto to life.
"What's cool about the animatronics in this show is the characters really do come to life."
Animatronics head of Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Daltrey, Starkey & Townshend on The Who's Australian tour
Featuring ground-breaking animatronics, biting satire and hilarious characters, prepare to be amazed.
Custom-made and using the latest technology, including computer-controlled special effects and animatronics, the pounds 300,000 virtual experience takes younger visitors on a mysterious quest to rid the county of a mythical beast.
Both feature animatronics with shop dummy-style faces and body armour partially covering their torsos and limbs.
"It uses animatronics and imaginative exhibits to explore such functions as runny noses, body odour, flatulence ...
Teacher Sue Hetenyi said: ``It was a very exciting and hands-on opportunity for the students to see the variety of jobs available.'' Sixth-former Laura Evans, 17, said: ``I found all the areas very interesting, particularly the animatronics. I think we all realised that there was a link between learning and getting the job you want.''
The amazing animatronics mean they steal the show, especially Gub-Gub the lovable pig.
He was met at the studios by the Lord Lieutenant for Hertfordshire, Simon Bowes Lyon, a relative of the Queen Mother, before visiting the special make-up effects and animatronics departments.
SIR Paul McCartney has teamed up with the team behind the spectacular animatronics for the hit musical, War Horse.
Visual effects really come to the fore when digitally rendered wolves are combined with trained live animals and puppet animatronics. Disappointingly, the computer-generated creatures don't always look realistic and the script, co-written by Carnahan and Ian Mackenzie Jeffers, has bark but no bite.