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the construction of robots to look like animals (developed for Disneyland)

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Take a quick car drive out of Camberley and head to Bracknell where you will be amazed to see the UK's largest animatronic dinosaur.
In the regulator's new advert, launched today, Schwarzenegger's animatronic head tells the nation not to delay in making PPI complaints, urging people to "do it now".
To emphasise the pressing deadline, the FCA has brought back the animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the final time in a campaign that will run nationwide across the summer.
"It's heartbreaking to think that, one day, future generations may only be able to see animatronic rhinos, tigers and elephants because they too have been wiped out.
The Dino trail houses 30 animatronic dinosaurs Insectlandia displays several highlights on different giant insects of the Mesozoic era the Unearth Museum is a "fossil repository" showcasing different ways to learn about the prehistoric age.
IceAge: The Lost Kingdom features 40 animatronic creatures enabling you to roam the gardens amongst woolly mammoths, sabretoothed tigers and giant sloths.
Now, a clip featuring the animatronic and music from Jackson's hit song "Smooth Criminal" is being used to induce fear in children, primarily in Baja California Sur in northwestern Mexico, leading Mexican authorities to release a statement on the matter.
The animatronic orangutan surprises a shopper at Oxford Circus in London
It took a team of 50, including engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists, painters and animatronic experts a year to make.
Nick was a key contributor to the creation of the little Jedi master and now brings him back to life with a fully animatronic puppet built exactly like the original.
He, Henry, and Starr end up on a road trip to Chicago together to pick up the animatronic flamingo that will complete Henry's family's in-home karaoke setup, learning from each other and trying to get back in one piece.
The animatronic Arnie in one of the FINANCIAL FACT APRIL 3 was the most popular day for Isa investing in the tax year 2016/2017 according to Fidelity International, which analysed its own figures.
| Animatronic Arnie returns to raise awareness of PPI deadline: The animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in a fresh awareness drive, reminding people to check whether they had payment protection insurance (PPI) and decide whether to make a complaint before the August 29, 2019 deadline.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 21 (ANI): Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Orlando took to Twitter to troll the animatronic version of United States President Donald Trump at the updated Hall of Presidents attraction, recently revealed by Walt Disney World.