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someone who imparts energy and vitality and spirit to other people

the technician who produces animated cartoons

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There's a gap between the animators and me, and I like it--it helps.
Also, an independent music artist will create an additional composition for animators to interpret.
To become an animator, you'll need to have creativity and imagination, good drawing or modelling skills, patience, concentration, accuracy and attention to detail.
Professional animators need good drawing skills and creative flair
Film archivist David Parsons said: "It is a great privilege for the NRFTA that we will become the new home for such an important regional filmmaker and animator.
Curtis Jobling will be in the city to share tips on how animators and designers can survive the daunting world of freelancing.
He divides his time as a professional animator and adjunct professor of animation at University of California Los Angeles and University of Southern California and lecturing on animation.
A seventh-grader (Dominic James) gets the brain of a legendary animator in ``Re-animated.
Ikivo Animator is available for Windows and Macintosh through Ikivo and Adobe, priced at USD349.
Past speakers have included Lord of the Rings animator Barry Purves, Aardmans animator Liza McCarron and Judith Craig, senior sculptor for Madame Tussauds.
Bannershop GIF Animator allows you to animate images, texts, or shapes using predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, Fly, and Stretch.
Web designers in particular will appreciate the newest release of GIF Animator (version 5), with True Color composition.
It also allows the animator to make changes or updates as often as they choose without the tedious process of frame-by-frame modification and rendering the updated shot.
Acknowledging this fact, this special summer issue of Take One features insightful articles on three NFB animators whose collective work represents some of the best the Board has to offer: Paul Driessen (The End of the World in Four Seasons and The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg) by Marc Glassman, former contributing editor of Take One who is currently working on a book about the Oscar--nominated Dutch--Canadian animator; Michele Cournoyer, director of Le Chapeau, by Chris J.
Another animator whose work made the cut, Sarah Knight of England, said, "I was grateful and excited to be included in such an awesome experiment.