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Synonyms for animation

Synonyms for animation

Synonyms for animation

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the property of being able to survive and grow

quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

the activity of giving vitality and vigour to something

the making of animated cartoons

general activity and motion


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For ``Chicken Little,'' untrained animators went through six-month CG ``boot camps'' to bring them up to speed on Maya, the program used for 3-D modeling, animation and visual effects.
He became a member in 1988 to take a course on animation for a patient-information video he was working on for a local hospital.
The certificate program is a two-year course of study that will provide students with the skills needed in traditional animation and training in modern technology.
The polygons are then filled in and shaded or textured, directed and controlled by artists, not magic or not much magic at least when compared to normal animation.
Ultimately, the cost of Flash animation - about four times cheaper than traditional animation because it requires only one-third of the staff - helps save the company from sending work overseas for ``finishing,'' as many other animation firms have done.
It is a small German masterpiece of puppet animation that effectively depicts life in plague-filled London during the 17th century, set to the words of the A Journal of the Plaque Year by Daniel Defoe; then, a very clever advertising piece entitled Rally's G-Force rocked the crowd with its dynamic cel animation; Paul Fierlinger's Member of the Club, the next short, is part of his series of animated documentaries about: contemporary women.
The major animation markets include the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Britain, Korea and Germany.
You are now in a period where other animation (is) coming in .
The story begins with McLaren, who founded the animation unit at the NFB during the Second World War.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Animation Software in Millions of US$.
The increasing popularity of computer-generated animation hasn't erased the demand for animators skilled in the art of hand-drawn images.
At that time, we rather cheekily asserted that "Canadian Animation Rules
com/reports/c45167) has announced the addition of China Animation Industry Report, 2005-2006 to their offering.
GLENDALE - A group that includes a DreamWorks SKG executive, architects and animation producers wants to turn an old Glendale bank building into a center to celebrate animation, with hopes to open it in 2006.