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Synonyms for animating

Synonyms for animating

giving spirit and vivacity


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These days, he divides his time between animating Pixar's November release, ``Monsters, Inc.
The Sensory technology comes with a selection of human and animal 3D models that include the mouth and facial targets required for animating (i.
These pulses are collected in the memory and transmitted to a virtual 3-D anatomical generator that is capable of animating any 3-D character.
Artists use the same `Scan' and `Cleanup' standalone utilities to input line drawings and then work within the SOFTIMAGE|DS system to paint Toonz animated layers using `Inknpaint', creating exposure sheets using `Xsheet' and animating painted cels with the `Camera Stand'.
BIPED is Character Studio's exclusive, footstep-driven 3D character and animation system for animating people and other two-legged characters.