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Only by affirming the animateness of the landscape do we allow for full immersion and participation with our surrounding landscape.
Meaning refers to features like animateness, sex, etc.
Fried characterizes "the ontological status of writing for the writer (and on somewhat different grounds the reader)" as a "hovering between animateness and inanimateness" (123).
Both are tributes to primal, essential, animate reclamation of instinct and poetic animateness.
9) Soranus's account of hysterical symptoms explains their being produced by inflamed uterine membranes, which make the uterus appear to turn slightly because of membranous constriction (status strictus) but Soranus's theory still describes uterine movement despite his ultimate rejection of actual animateness and movement: the womb does not move as an independent entity; its vessels constrict, merely appearing to move.