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Synonyms for animated

Synonyms for animated

marked by or exhibiting life

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

Synonyms for animated

having life or vigor or spirit



made to appear to move as living creatures do

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Tucked into APHA's Public Health Expo in San Diego last fall, 20 people talked animatedly around a long table.
We first stopped at a local store, where my Friend visited animatedly with the proprietor and several customers.
It's difficult to forget the sight of half a dozen Hitlers propping up a Yorkshire bar, supping pints of Landlord and chatting animatedly in broad Tyke.
My class of able Year 6s, working in groups, were totally engrossed in every book and animatedly evaluated the stories, illustrations and themes.
I get star-struck when I meet actors and great musicians," he said animatedly at the New York premiere.
William Shatner sipped a malt whiskey and chatted animatedly with Michelle Pfeiffer, Blythe Danner and Jason Alexander just before the Alzheimer's Association's 16th annual "A Night at Sardi's" fundraising gala.
Works with identifiably comedy-related connotations--the bronze hook, or drawings showing the artist animatedly delivering the goods--have arrived at referential limbo.
Sadly, what it is bound to feature, is the ridiculous new fad of the ref pointing animatedly to his whistle for 30 seconds after awarding a free kick in a dangerous area, a fad for which I believe we have Graham Poll to thank.
Since the moment it was switched on, the sight of groups of school children eating their picnic lunches while sitting on the steps of the square, animatedly discussing what they had just seen, explored and enjoyed in the Art Gallery or Museum, became a matter of history.
It didn't dawn on me that Louis was Karl's father until I saw Karl on TV animatedly saying the "gay agenda" had to stop.
While standing around, talking animatedly, sixth-grader Marisa Mankofsky gave her friend, Meghan Hubert, 13, a piece of candy.
People--many of them strangers to one another until now--chatted animatedly in low voices, discussing their elderly Polish relatives and towns of origin.
His mother struggles to hold back tears as she talks animatedly about the Urawa Reds central defender, who acquired Japanese citizenship last October.
Patterson, who calls herself Carolezoom in the art world, seems always to be found at some gallery or another, often at DIVA, talking animatedly to people from her wheelchair.
The sweatshirt-clad teacher was animatedly reciting a story and drawing out her pupils' comments and conclusions.