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Synonyms for animated

Synonyms for animated

marked by or exhibiting life

very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits

Synonyms for animated

having life or vigor or spirit



made to appear to move as living creatures do

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RIYADH: The MiSK Global Forum ended here on Wednesday night in an upbeat mood with the participants animatedly talking about their impressions of the two-day event at the Four Seasons Hotel.
He is speaking to me, animatedly, with joy in his voice.
He looked well and laughed heartily and talked animatedly.
Earlier on first day of UN summit on climate change Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held an informal meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi when two leaders shook hands in a lobby of Paris Conference Centre and then sat down on a sofa where they were seen talking animatedly.
Deeply immersed in their own creative world, the little ones animatedly described their works to the visitors under the guidance of their teachers.
In it, the two girls can be seen walking around, talking animatedly, and repeatedly reaching for something in their pockets or sleeves.
In the ad, the panditji announces that the auspicious wedding date is 27th November, which Madhu Sneha refuses animatedly since she can't skip a shopping sale for her wedding.
I am CONVINCED I am surreptitiously having a private chat in my own brain, but in reality, I am either vigorously nodding and shaking my head at key points in the brain confab, pulling OTT shocked/angered/ amused faces at the discussion I am having with myself, animatedly mouthing the words I'm thinking, or I'm whole-hog speaking them out loud, quite loudly.
Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill was seen talking animatedly with his Lois Lane, Amy Adams.
Teamed with a pair of white trousers and silver sneakers, Ranveer posed animatedly and danced as he entered the venue.
In Candide, Brian Deedrick's animatedly directed production delivered fine singing and playful theatricality wonderfully.
As we both waited for the green light, he was animatedly chatting to his passengers waving his hands and leaving me wondering what had left him so worked up.
And the crux of the matter is that the political leaderships that should have made for this national preparedness have spectacularly failed in injecting it animatedly and vigorously in the polity across the spectrum.
A source has revealed that Brook and Malat seemed to have a great time together and they were talking animatedly, as the 33-year-old model was seen smiling a lot.
According to the news portal, the victim and the attacker were seen animatedly arguing before the Thai bar worker picked up a knife and stabbed the bigger built Omani tourist in the stomach.