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Synonyms for animation

Synonyms for animation

Synonyms for animation

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the property of being able to survive and grow

quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

the activity of giving vitality and vigour to something

the making of animated cartoons

general activity and motion


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Interactive case studies, exercises, audio, and animated graphics provide a unique learning experience.
It contains colorful animated graphics, virtual forests to explore, a virtual journey through the recycling process, and interactive activities to reinforce the educational message.
It has never been available since its original theatrical release and is a combination of live action and animated graphics depicting Alexander de Seversky's plan for the strategic bombing of Germany and Japan as devised in his pre-WWII book Victory Through Air Power.
"When the internet is so full of design and animated graphics there really is little excuse for such a mundane site," says WAA's Chris Hughes.
Falling somewhere between fashion shows and performance art, the club concerts at which CoS produce and perform their increasingly professional version of electroclash--a veritable yard sale of retro Euro disco, punk, and New Wave--are embedded in a theatrical spectacle of self-made costumes and makeup, video feeds, animated graphics, and photographic documentations of other CoS productions.
Creating Web graphics for dummies provides the novice Web designer with a view into the world of working with graphics through its advice on how to get started working with graphics, how to use the cool graphical software tools that exist, how to add photos to Web sites, and how to create and use animated graphics on Web sites.
CAM systems can generate animated graphics, some in real time that can be used to evaluate cycle times, tool paths, material removal rates, and other related functions that before could only be done at the machine tool.
The "Essentials" section defines tessellation terms and uses examples with animated graphics to explain the concepts.
The CD-ROM is easy to use, providing animated graphics to get information to the user.
Haverhals and Annie Lang); "Effects of Text and Animated Graphics in Television News Stories on Viewer Evaluations, Arousal, Attention, and Memory" (Julia R.
The animated graphics lend the `fun' element and have succeeded where Hatrick, which it replaced, plainly did not.
For example, the integration of animated graphics in the pathology tutorial to demonstrate the major steps of viral multiplication offers an innovative visual tool for mastering complex information.
This month, we take a look at Web sites featuring flash introduction, animated graphics and sound.
In addition, animated graphics, audio, and video can be incorporated.
Throw in the experiments you have in presentation of the news itself -- animated graphics, video streaming with hot links and non-linear storytelling -- and you have a recipe for disaster.