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This vulnerability, affecting Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista operating systems, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (persistent reboot) via a malformed ANI file, which results in memory corruption when processing cursors, animated cursors, and icons.
ani files for animated cursors will reportedly not work since many files are being renamed by attackers to cover their intent.
Virus writers and other miscreants utilizing this GDI bug have created malicious web sites and animated cursors, known as ANI files, to infect unsuspecting Internet surfers.
As reported in a March 29, 2007 Determina Security Advisory, there is a vulnerability in the Windows animated cursor processing code.
F-Secure Warns of Windows Animated Cursor Handling Vulnerability
Amazingly, the latest scare affecting all versions of Windows - including Vista - involves the way the OS handles animated cursors.
The patches include a new version of a patch released earlier this month which is intended to close a flaw in the way animated cursors are handled by Windows.
Users can customize their Windows 95 interface by adding screen savers, wallpaper, classic one liners and animated cursors of their favorite comedians.
Combining richly rendered 2-D and 3-D environments and various animated cursors that extend the player into the world, THE DARK EYE features unique stop-frame animation created by renowned animator Doug Beswick (Beetlejuice, Aliens, The Addams Family).
This version of LapLink for Windows supports "on-the-fly" video resolution, animated cursors and video painting technologies, all of which are key features to the Windows 95 architecture.