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Containing such events seems not only to be an important difference between animate beings and inanimate objects, but seems to be part of the notion of bodhicitta itself.
From being passive garments, intended to provide hygiene, body support and some measure of fashionable sexiness, our underwear has transformed into active, almost animate beings.
Mobility, for example, is a perfection within the hierarchy of animate beings, but a defect in love which calls for the steadfastness and fidelity of an intelligent being.
Cordula Ditz's Nightmare on Elm Street, 2007, deleted every scene that features animate beings from the '80s horror film.
If human bone is understood as a cultural object, the ontological categorisation of 'live' or 'dead' is removed; this has previously been a stumbling block for archaeologists theorising on the one hand about living, social, animate beings, and on the other about dead, individual, inanimate remains.
Joseph Nahmias from the astrologer of the same name, Al-Farabi on the foundations of geometry, the theory of the opposites and an ordered universe in Anaximander, and Averroes on the role of the celestial bodies in the general of animate beings as an example of the medieval astrologization of Aristotle's biology.
In that section of his De natura deorum in which he argues the view that gods exist as animate beings, she is, moreover, closely associated with the virtue of prudentia (2.