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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


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make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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Animalizing stories and freehand grotesquery engage our imaginations of nature by creating always partly human but insistently defamiliarized, distorted versions of humanity, other beings and their worlds.
As he "rude[ly]" appears in his shirt sleeves for supper, Banford turns "spiteful" (27) for the first time, animalizing his "physical presence" ("too penetrating, too hot"[28]), registering his graceless intrusion ("a big, raw, long-legged youth"[28]) into a drawing-room marked by its aspirations to good taste and the practice of art (the Turkey rug, the piano, March's hand-painted lilies and swans [28]).
class connotations of such "animalizing" of people and was
A sequel to Otaku, A Birth of Gamelike Realism: Animalizing Postmodernity, was written by Azuma and published in 2007.
It pays special attention to processes of 'animalizing' the maid persona in so-called maid cafes in metropolitan Japan.
In passing, I note that Todorov has established a whole binary semiotics which covers the whole set of colonizing texts and practices, and aims at infantilizing and animalizing the set of predicates that are granted to this new subject/object that the subjects of Hispanic enunciation are about to invent.
Again ethophaulism reached at least symbolic degrading dimension when authors referred to the Gypsies "arme Wurm" (80) or "armseligen Wurmern" (81) or "Gewurm" confirming the animalizing propensity of ethnophaulisms.
Chavez does the opposite of Cervantes by animalizing Lucio who considers himself to be on a higher social level than Tere.
By putting himself in that category, Whitman questions the universal difference of humans and animals and exposes the political motives of animalizing others.
The animalizing imagination : Totemism, textuality and ecocriticism.
(Oxford: Blackwell, 1991); Keith Bradley, "Animalizing the Slave:
The exposure of what Giorgio Agamben calls the "caesura between the human and the animal [which] passes first of all within man" (16), the meeting in humankind of body and soul, natural and divine, not as a conjunction but as a disjunction, is something that needs here to be guarded against, and something which is pushed beyond the boundaries of the Utopian island and Utopian citizenship (as in the Utopian willingness to allow foreign mercenaries to expose themselves to the animalizing effects of their own wars).
Her book provides a feminist analysis of the animalizing of women and the sexualizing of animals for consumption that also suggests many important connections between the discourses of animal studies and feminism.
On the other hand, fire works to the opposite ends, animalizing the boys and awakening their primitive instincts and spiteful desires.
"The Kaiser as the Beast of Berlin: Race and the Animalizing of German-ness in Early Hollywood's Advertising Imagery." West Virginia University Philological Papers 50 (2003): 16-30.