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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


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make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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The humanist framework draws upon our assumptions about animal inferiority but doesn't challenge these assumptions in any serious way, failing to question many of the rationales for coextending the hierarchal worldview that lumps animals and animalized humans together in systems of exploitation.
This is not to say that Azuma celebrates otaku culture--indeed, his estimation that people are animalized to a certain extent is bleak--but that the possibilities for cultural change gesture towards an "animetaphor" of the postmodern human as a new species struggling to make a new language, from the components of the old, through which to give themselves definition or "to construct alternative values and standards" (27).
Lenepveu reserved the body of a slippery octopus for the Jewish banker Alphonse de Rothschild, labelled in a conflation of animalized rhetoric, as "king of the pigs
Animalized humans and humanized dogs: the abstract amuses us.
The disquiet or even anger that social workers might feel in reading this selection probably goes beyond simply their visceral response to the dehumanizing metaphors, where social workers are animalized (as cats) and infantilized (as playing in sandboxes).
5) As Villegas points out, the "conquistadores" are not demonized nor animalized as are the U.
The first page of The Human Animal states its subject to be "humanized animals and animalized humans.
In fact, the elite discourse--or we might even say the elite imaginary--on the radical rebels totally ignored the actual aims and aspirations of the lower classes and reduced their speech acts to forms of animalized and brutal behavior with the 'shouting' (clamor) as an expression of the capital sin of wrath (ira).
3) Without challenging the insight provided by such readings of the novel, I want to suggest that thinking about the beast men as animals rather than as metaphors for animalized racial others can provide additional insight into the novel's critique of science and vivisection.
Attempts to overturn this pathologization of the individual have frequently resulted in a discomforting inversion, with homeless children appearing animalized, the hunted and predatory inhabitants of alleyways and deserted dwellings.
The animalized features of the Nazis are not only triumphantly real to the parnas in his dying, but traumatically real to the youngest of the Nazis as they murder.
animalized faces, and at the same time everything is broadly and
From one angle, the intricate network of tetrahedrons and elongated octahedrons seems animalized, evoking a dog squatting back on its haunches or the one in Joan Miro's painting Dog Barking at the Moon, 1926.
First, in the symmetry reflected in the juxtaposition of the two couples we see that the zoo woman's desire for the orangutan has humanized the beast and that the beast's desire for her has animalized her.
Bandai America's Jungle Fury lineup debuted in January with animalized action figures, vehicles, Megazords and role-play toys, along with a newly designed Morpher that functions as wearable sun shades.