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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


Related Words

make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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It could certainly be argued that La montana merely presents us with yet another depiction of literary anthropomorphism in which nature is humanized and, conversely, the human is animalized.
The animalized human is not fully an animal, just as the domesticated animal is not fully human, but these transformations do foreground the creatural interstice where one indeterminate can replace another.
The threat of invasion from an animalized enemy proved a powerful motivator of solidarity in violence, as it would decades later in Rwanda (cf.
One is rhetorical and retrospective: he "groanfs] for the Roman legions here again, / And Caesar's eagle," conjuring an image of Rome as a teeming plurality headed by a distinctly animalized version of its Emperor (CA.
In his manga series, Knights of Sidonia (Shidonia no kishi 2009-2015), Nihei Tsutomu seems to thematize precisely this animalized notion of character by making the antagonists, or gauna, themselves shapeless, protean, protoplasmic.
1) I propose that these forms of caricature are themselves rooted in a longer artistic tradition of the grotesque--of weirdly distorted or oddly animalized, defiantly unrealistic and often playful figures in European public and domestic art from the Roman Empire forward.
Racially "blackened," masculinized, and animalized, a figure of untamable anger, insanity, and excess, Bertha is the most complete expression of the imperial, racial, sexual, and gender trouble raised by the hyena.
Hence, the slave became animalized, and the mark of the slave was his "animalistic inferiority" "regardless of origin or ethnicity.
The text as a whole challenges these notions of animalized women, unsettles heteronormative articulations of family, and hegemonic masculinity and denaturalizes the centrality and healthfulness of red meat in the US diet.
At its heart is the animalized and racialized body of the conquered enemy, enshrined as national trophy.
In the more fluid space of the Forest of Arden, however, Orlando and Adam almost immediately become animalized (and feminized) as a "doe" and her "fawn" (2.
Jefferson exempts all other racially subjugated human forms from animalized sexuality (e.
This radical power originates from a mode of embodiment wherein Rider's mind becomes animalized through grief: "no language can express it; thus his body speaks.
These Othered humans were, in turn, animalized such that the construction of race contained within it assumptions about animals and species difference .
They interpret the leopard not as a species of feline, with its own attendant metaphorical implications, but rather as a stand-in for an animalized woman or Orient.