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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


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make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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Kiss formed in 1973 and their string of albums includes Dynasty (1979), Unmasked (1980), Animalize (1984) and Revenge (1992).
Faulkner reveals the centrality of gender to such processes when the novel's men doubly "other" Ike; before they animalize him, they must first feminize him.
Among the film promotional materials from the World War I era that reference German-ness, the proportion that animalize it is significant, including numerous examples that associate Germany, the Kaiser, or his cronies with canines, snakes, rats, apes, birds, spiders, and octopi, as well as less specific figures such as monsters, beasts, and brutes.
If the show's title is read phonetically (to become animalize), Meadows could be seen to animalize his earlier DIY geometric formalism, in which part of the visual excitement pivoted on a "pop-up" effect.
Davis's answer continues to center on the "problem of slavery," which he defines as the paradoxical attempt to treat human beings as if they were animals, Aristotle's "natural slaves." He sees efforts to "animalize" people as the quintessential feature of slavery, one that manifested itself--in the case of New World slavery--as racism.
and seems thus to animate, animalize, spiritualize, spiritize itself,
This theme of a highly personalized service and communicative therapy resting on moe and kawaii (induced by the animalization of the maid body) corresponds to many other animal cosplay activities and venues located in Japan, with the wide ranging (cat) maid services, including reflexology clinics, tour guides, dating agencies, casinos and hair salons, all of which animalize the body for the same effect and with the same intent.
The irony of this statement becomes clear in Faulkner's text as first Roth and then Isaac McCaslin disavow relations with James Beauchamp's granddaughter--metaphorically, the "doe"--and readers learn that Roth has killed a doe; in Paradise these implications are taken a step farther as the New Fathers "take aim for Ruby" on the women whom they animalize in order to uphold this standard of femininity, to reclaim the Oven, and to reassert their masculinity.
The primitive cunning of ancient Islamic tribes, their goat-like ability to scale hilly terrain, their preference to burrow into mountainsides and hide in deep caves so that the only way to get at them is to smoke them out--all are examples of imagery and vocabulary that animalize the other race, making them sub-human (Ibid.).
Yet Melville does not animalize Billy to emphasize his inferiority to the more urbane Claggart.
Fating to take into account the differential codes of normative behaviour marked by race, however, such gestures of seeming equality literally animalize Bigger.
While Cora's whiteness is ever precarious due to her gender, her miscegenation potential, her ability to animalize herself, Frank's whiteness is at risk, too.
(23) Whenever such injustice occurs, the poor are enslaved or reduced to slavery (yanah) that consequently animalizes (nagas) and crushes (ratsats) their lives.
We share one instinct, that ravenous feeding my pen's beak, plucking up wriggling insects like nouns and gulping them, the nib reading as it writes, shaking off angrily what its beak rejects, selection is what the egrets teach White Egrets vi:10 The line on which Walcott walks is a very fine one but the verb "to share" rethinks Warren's membrane by underlining continuities between humans and animals; arguably, rather than anthropomorphizing the egrets, Walcott animalizes himself and his pen (an extension of his body) to the point that he seems to become part of the flock ("we share").
As a human being, succumbing to his basest instincts animalizes him and Muhammad, likely echoing the reaction of a reader in 16th century Spain, is not able to empathize with him and thus, does not find him deserving of forgiveness.