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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


Related Words

make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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Faulkner reveals the centrality of gender to such processes when the novel's men doubly "other" Ike; before they animalize him, they must first feminize him.
If the show's title is read phonetically (to become animalize), Meadows could be seen to animalize his earlier DIY geometric formalism, in which part of the visual excitement pivoted on a "pop-up" effect.
John now on lead guitar, 1984's ANIMALIZE soared to double platinum thanks to the MTV-fueled hit "Heaven's On Fire" and "Thrills In The Night.
The primitive cunning of ancient Islamic tribes, their goat-like ability to scale hilly terrain, their preference to burrow into mountainsides and hide in deep caves so that the only way to get at them is to smoke them out--all are examples of imagery and vocabulary that animalize the other race, making them sub-human (Ibid.
Fating to take into account the differential codes of normative behaviour marked by race, however, such gestures of seeming equality literally animalize Bigger.
It animalizes human behavior and humanizes animal behavior.
According to contemporary reductionist and antipersonalistic philosophies, if from one side this man considers himself an absolute creator, from the other side he radically animalizes himself at the extremes of social life.
Pardo Bazan tells in her Apuntes autobiograficos of witnessing such a Carnival dancer, but there she neither shares a nickname nor animalizes this woman (76-77).