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Synonyms for animalization

a depiction in the form of an animal

an act that makes people cruel or lacking normal human qualities

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Dare we call into question our presuppositions about animality and animalization being offensive or debasing?
These facets of characterization are saved for La tribuna, where they complement the animalization and sobriquets of the other factory workers.
Interestingly, Marinetti's transformation is figured as a question not only of re-animation of his dead body--it is interesting that Marinetti remains the owner of his own corpse--but the animalization of the driver as well, since it is principally the driver who is made subject to the technological sovereign.
The Animalization of Otaku Culture", "Between the Child and the Mecha", and much more.
The animalization of the Irish was accomplished most often by comparison to primates rather than beasts of burden.
Forster examines in his posthumously published novel Maurice, which was written between 1913 and 1914, how the God-concept was used to justify the animalization of all Oscar Wilde types.
Animalization of the Islamic other drew on a legacy of representational logics featuring animalistic imagery that justified the colonial enterprise (Shohat and Siam, 1996:137).
What is happening today is neither divinization nor humanization but animalization, a turning towards the three beastly instincts of self, sex and herd.
In this analysis of Moreau, which is often studied as a science fiction (1) work that stages a cross-species conflict between a vivisector and his grotesque Beast-Folk, I argue that the portrayal of British sailors in this narrative deserves more critical attention for the twinned purpose of understanding their class-inflected animalization and involvement in the overseas trade of exotic animals.
Richard Sabey noted in file May 1996 Colloquy that ANIMALIZATION can be queen-graphed because I has bigrams IZ, TI, LI, NI and IM, and A has bigrams ZA, AT, AL, AN and MA, sharing the 5 letters Z, T, L, N and M.
Her later drawing of an equivalence between the departure of her Confederate master and that of 'Lias dismantles the racial hierarchy of the time which, in conjunction with dominant gender constructions, opposed the emasculation and animalization of black men to a model of white male control, honor, and patriarchal potency.
Significantly, this animalization of the African has a very specific function in relation to Kurtz's and Marlow's spiritual discourse.
Animalization of People with Cognitive Disabilities in Historical Perspective
do not meddle with current biological models to support their animalization of the social foe.
This incompletely or less than fully human status also accompanies his animalization of Rwandans where he describes those hiding from the Interahamwe as "live bait being toyed with by a wild animal, at constant risk of being killed and eaten" (382).