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Synonyms for animalization

a depiction in the form of an animal

an act that makes people cruel or lacking normal human qualities

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(239) I am grateful to John Goldberg and Peter Ramsay for pressing me to explore the connection between degradation and animalization.
In fact, this is perhaps the whole point of Geller's book, namely, to demonstrate that the best form of resistance to animalization is to insist upon the unique physiognomy, the unique line of vision, of each individual being.
Daniele Fioretti in "Foreshadowing the Posthuman: Hybridization, Apocalypse, and Renewal in Paolo Volponi," after analyzing the progressive hybridization and animalization of the protagonists of Corporeal (1974) and The Irritable Planet (1978), concludes that Volponi shares Roberto Marchesini's concept of hybridization of man and animal, thus placing himself against the paradigm of anthropocentrism.
Se trata de "an animalization of the characters in an attempt to reform societal customs and mores" (99).
Demonization, animalization and criminalization of people of African and Indigenous descent are themes both deeply embedded and flagrantly visible in the culture and institutions of Venezuelan society.
But where Kafka's dog tale must first humanize the dog in order to then undo that anthropomorphism, Molloy is a human protagonist subject to a kind of "animalization," a process that levels the humanist vision of the human.
The iniquity of these fights and the consequent animalization and dehumanization of black men in a white racist society are paralleled and contrasted with the opening image of two stallions fighting and standing "like men" (Home, 3), a childhood memory full of dignity and violence.
Follow that Camel (1967), in which one character refer to the Arabs as "these monkeys"--something that evokes the notion of animalization mentioned by Kaplan (1997: 81) and Green (1993: 327)--is also a good example of how Arabs have been portrayed as villains in a considerable number of Hollywood productions from the very beginning of Film History.
And he cites writers as various as David Walker, Frederick Douglass, Marcus Garvey, and Barack Obama, to suggest that white pathologies "intent on animalization" (which outlived slavery) sowed doubts in the minds of many African Americans about their place in white society, long after emancipation (p.
Azuma Hiroki's term for this condition of semantic impoverishment is "animalization" (dobutsuka)--the demotion of cet obscur objet du desir to base physical needs.
This kind of graphic animalization literalizes the Soviet officials' public rhetoric about jazz, which they characterized as "outlandish yowlings" (Ilyichev, in Johnson 1965:109).
As Wilmott observes, "[t]his is a cross-writing tradition in two ways: formally, in its roots in what has been called caricature, understood as an iconography or kind of style, and thematically, in what I will call its animalization, understood as an iconology or vehicle for ideas" (98).
the animalization of man into the dwarf animal of equal rights.").