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Synonyms for animality

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for animality

the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect

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It may have lost its essential attributes of animality and crossed the limit, real or virtual, between the human and animal worlds.
For that reason, he declared, "the difficulty of peace has more to do with man's humanity than his animality.
To both the critical animal scholar and the defender of othered humans, it is obvious that oppressors--particularly oppressors of Jews--have long attempted to justify their mistreatments and often their violence by attributing what they considered a debased animality to Jewish populations.
Figuring the Beast: The Aesthetics of Animality in American Literature, 1900-1979" DAI-A 74/01 (E), July 2013.
In an effort to reconsider ourselves as human animals in a posthuman world, I imagine what it might look like to reclaim our animality by looking "below" to our animal kin.
Yet Dominique Lestel, a highly influential researcher studying animality (our animal nature), opposes the separation of human and animal life.
I argue that the novel employs animal representation paradoxically, both to critique the capture and commodification of exotic animals and to sustain alienating views about animals and human animality, and this is most clearly revealed in the portrayal of the representatives of British commerce and imperialism.
This she does through secrecy, biopotentiality, illegality, irregularity, relics, delirium, animality, strange forms of political economy, etc.
Twelve years later he announced the animality of the protagonist in the title of another novel, Le Bete humaine (1890).
There is potential animality in the idea of hobbit in the closeness of the word 'hobbit' to rabbit (seen as potentially probative by both Shippey [67-68] and Rateliff), akin to Alice's sense of children's amoral appetites, especially for food, being like those of animals.
It obviously recalls the famous statement by Agamben that "in our culture, the decisive political conflict, which governs every other conflict, is that between humanity and animality of man.
He thus embraces his moniker of "Animal" not as a metaphor for human deprivation but as a reminder of the animality of all humans, and acknowledging this animality enables him to think about what it means to be human in another way.
2) What scholars have still not addressed is the story's use of animality to explore Theory of Mind, or the problem of how we know what others may feel, think, or do.
Beneath crisp suits, behind designer frames,/I sense an animality that grooming/shields only from the pure.
Recent works such as Animality and Environmental Education' (Oakley, 2011) begin such discussions by challenging the ideas of Freire and others.