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Synonyms for animalism

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for animalism

the doctrine that human beings are purely animal in nature and lacking a spiritual nature

preoccupation with satisfaction of physical drives and appetites

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Sentencing 24-year-old Clinton Keane, Judge Sean O'Dunnabhain described the March 2005 attack on Garry Browne as "vicious, animalistic and unnecessary".
Men may only need a place to do it but I need a damn good reason and, quite frankly, animalistic urges are not reason enough.
It would be nice to find, somewhere among all the fog and bluster, a straightforward description of the animalistic and brutal criminality that prevailed during the riot.
I'll tell you why - because when nature makes you a mum, it also bequeaths an animalistic urge to actually be a mum, to be there, to protect them.
As the police investigation into last week's animalistic near-riot continued, the horrible housemates left no stone unturned in their quest for disgusting new lows.
In the blistering performance of Andre Eisermann, who carries the title character from the depths of animalistic terror to a pathetic, preening grandiosity, Kaspar is presented as an emotionally naked everyman, whose lunging quest for knowledge and love has a grotesque pathos.
The idea was to show the animalistic nature as well as the human emotions of the character at the same time.
The concession to a carnivorous diet was only a post-flood development, when G-d saw humanity could not live up to the Divine's original ideal of vegetarianism and sought to quench and contain some of humanity's more animalistic urges.
The characters are great, their animalistic personalities reflected in their leisurewear clobber.
First off, there are two different kinds of vampires 6 the feral who have mostly feasted on blood and have animalistic personalities, and the second are ancients 6 vamps who have lived for a longer time and only drink human blood.
Sure it's animalistic to want to be leader of the pack, but in the old days these shows used to be about human interaction not nocturnal action.
After the success of their debut single Animalistic back in February the band have just released their second single, Gunning, and are looking forward to seeing people's reactions as the track shows a different side to the band's sound.
Cormier explores the science of pleasure, its importance in our everyday lives, and what makes us human--our base, animalistic, pursuits.
My Baudelaire has no gender or sex, lives in animalistic delight and animalistic agony.
Others literally succumb to the call of the wild and let loose their animalistic side.