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Synonyms for animalism

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for animalism

the doctrine that human beings are purely animal in nature and lacking a spiritual nature

preoccupation with satisfaction of physical drives and appetites

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Lou's earliest recorded clear symptom of Reverse Animalism, though almost certainly not the first, was an incident in the eleventh grade in which he, out of boredom one day in gym class, fondled the fleshy portion of a young girl's posterior.
In his autobiography of the exile period in England, the portrait of the philosopher Bertrand Russell establishes the same contrast between the rationalist's mathematical logic and the animalism of his laughter:
Pompilia's outburst is, to him, an affirmation of animalism.
Through the ages, the African appears to have evolved no organised religious creed, and though some tribes appear to believe in a deity, the religious sense seldom rises above pantheistic animalism and seems more often to take the form of a vague dread of the supernatural.
While it is true that early modern audiences may not have despised Bottom for his social aspirations, pretentions, or asinine animalism any more than modern audiences do, it is equally difficult to laud his rustic and bestial virtues outside their comedic context.
When Maggie is symbolized as a slip of a girl on a wild black horse--to be exact, a wild black mare--the film caves in on its own racist symbolism by aligning black female passion and animalism.
humans unfettered ignorance in heap, The animalism of beasts in inner
She does not make reference to the apparent animalism in the vampire's features, however.
Menagerie is the word for this show with the set like a skeleton cabaret, Lulu's victims are suspended on meat hooks and characters wear animal heads continuing the idea of animalism that we will see continued in Vixen.
emergence, supervenience, constitution, animalism, etc.
to import into healthy and honest English art and life the pagan side of bygone times, with all its cynicism, scepticism, and animalism.
The relationship with Alex Forrest forces Gallagher to confront his own sexual animalism and aggression as she displays her own.
4) Noel Valis' two extensive annotated bibliographies cataloguing studies of Clarin's work confirm this assertion: critical approaches to the four stories under examination here do not focus on the animal protagonist; studies of Darwinism or animalism in Clarin's work gathered by Valis are confined to La Regenta.
Her appearance now exemplifies exoticism, primitivism, and, once again, animalism as she wears a tight outfit that exposes a great amount of skin.
What had been removed from his brain was the bridge from animalism to humanity.