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Synonyms for animalism

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for animalism

the doctrine that human beings are purely animal in nature and lacking a spiritual nature

preoccupation with satisfaction of physical drives and appetites

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Each author is clear about the views he or she addresses, and together they advance discussions about, for example, constitutionalism (Baker, Robinson, and Sydney Shoemaker), the thinking parts problem for animalism (Parfit, Blatti, Madden, and Hershenov), the normative import of animalism (Hershenov, Johansson, and David Shoemaker), and brain splitting and the unity of consciousness (Reid and Snowdon).
was the comparison between the images of nakedness as undesirable representations of animalism and the images of the clothed body as desirable representations of authority.
In "Salmi per i nostri morti 1" this cruel animalism is first conveyed implicitly with the image of the enemy with prey in its teeth: "Tu spezzi le mascelle del nemico e gli fai gittar la preda di tra i denti" (strophe 23).
By transcending animalism, and thus nature, there is a sense, as has already been established, in which death should be somehow manageable and tamable.
When Maggie is symbolized as a slip of a girl on a wild black horse--to be exact, a wild black mare--the film caves in on its own racist symbolism by aligning black female passion and animalism.
Ruth Mazo Karras has demonstrated that medieval texts construct masculinity in opposition to a variety of categories, such as childhood and animalism, but they most frequently define manhood as that which is not womanly.
humans unfettered ignorance in heap, The animalism of beasts in inner
She does not make reference to the apparent animalism in the vampire's features, however.
But Birkin's own self-division also impedes him in becoming "clear and whole as angels": "This violent and directionless reaction between animalism and spiritual truth would go on in him till he tore himself in two between the opposite directions" (WL 297).
Menagerie is the word for this show with the set like a skeleton cabaret, Lulu's victims are suspended on meat hooks and characters wear animal heads continuing the idea of animalism that we will see continued in Vixen.
Animalism assumes that the biological functioning of the human organism is essential for human beings to persist.
9) Schoenbaum, for example, finds her to be a "ferocious" symbol of "sheer animalism.
This construction of black female bodies has been that of sexual licentiousness, natural immorality, disease, animalism, prostitution, and masculinity; the opposite of hegemonic, white, femininity (Collins 2005; Hammonds 1997; Jones and Shorter-Gooden 2003; St.
Several elements make the sequence extraordinary, especially the way the cacophonous dogs, cows and horses around the cute moppet take on a feral quality that vividly conveys the disturbing jumble of animalism and innocence lying at the heart of nature and the human condition.
Thus, by way of abjection, primitive socities have marked out a precise area of their culture in order to remove it from the threatening world of animals or animalism, which were imagined as representatives of sex and murder" (12-13, author's italics).