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Synonyms for animalize

Synonyms for animalize

represent in the form of an animal


Related Words

make brutal, unfeeling, or inhuman

become brutal or insensitive and unfeeling

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In Macmillan's Magazine, Charles Kingsley's The Water-Babies: A Fairy Tale for a Landbaby infused an invented fantasy with social debates on the condition of England, Max Muller's comparative philology and Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory, in the process racialising animals and animalising races.
Do these analyses of the biopolitical capture of 'life,' and visions of its overcoming, rely on the exclusion of animals, or might we critique the animalising reduction and biological production of human and nonhuman life together?
The animalising terms used varied as attitudes towards the Moriscos changed in the 16th century, from assimilationists who considered them to be "Christian" and "Spanish" to their rejection by expulsionists.
The processes of naming (or renaming), infantilising, housing, setting to work, controlling diet, animalising, controlling sexual congress, burial after death ("the second death") of the zombified individual .